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Annelies van Wamel
  • Posted on 25/02/2010
  • City : Lincolnshire

Clinic: Leeds
Customer Service:4/5
Value for Money:4/5
Clinical Team:5/5


My life style had changed and after much deliberating (and gathering stories from friends and family) I took the plunge for laser eye surgery: 40 years of glasses and contact lenses was more than enough!
Most web sites told me that my prescription of -6 plus a bit and a small astigmatism in both eyes would be suitable so it came down to ‘go and see’. I had done my home work so much would come down to the general impression.
I was the second patient at the Wetherby clinic and some creases still had to be ironed out. Having said that, the staff were more than friendly and I quickly felt at ease. The first consultation ended with the conclusion that my eyes were quite dry and there was a slight conjunctivitis although I felt no problems and it was decided to try some drops for a while to let the eye settle. The amount of (free) drops supplied was plenty.
The second consultation was much later than planned (I got lost in the system and it took a while before I was contacted but due to personal circumstances that suited me fine so I didn’t chase them up either) and we decided to go ahead with the procedure on the same day if all was ok.
That decision caused some problems in an otherwise flawless route. Since we hadn’t ‘finished’ the first consultation no treatment type had yet been decided so the finance option which has to be arranged prior to surgery could not be set up. It was agreed to do that on the day – but that London decision never reached my file in Wetherby. It also led to me having to chase up who my surgeon was going to be but that information was readily given once I asked. On the day itself the financing caused some more confusion but all promises were honoured and, with some improvising, eventually all was sorted.
The contact with Simon and the surgeon Mr Prashant Jindaal was again pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient but relaxed. The chosen LASIK procedure was quick, painless and the effect astonishing.
The next day the bandaging lenses were removed and I had already achieved driving standard vision. At the check up after 1 week my eyes were nearly achieving the 20/10 vision I had with contact lenses and the healing was so quick that the optometrist had to look twice to find the flap! I have had no pain, not even discomfort as such and was able to read, use the computer etc 2 days after surgery. Needless to say I am very happy with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Accuvision.

  • Customer Services: 4/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Clinical Team: 5/5
  • Technology: 5/5
Ben Edwards
  • Posted on 27/01/2009
  • City : Staffordshire

I’ve had my eyes lasered successfully at Accuvision in Solihull on the 16 Jan 09. I was concerned however that i wouldn’t be suitable as my short sight prescription was high, -7.50 and -8.25 with astigmatism and I’ve been wear hard contacts for over 30 years.

Thankfully though my very bumpy corneas (looking more like a craggy mountain than a big dome) were rehabilitated on the advice of Nick Dash by wearing soft lenses for a couple of months then awful thick glasses for a week. Then I was ready for the op.

All over pretty quickly. Quite an odd and uncomfortable procedure but not especially painful (A bit worse than having a filling at the Dentist). I was in the hands of a very experienced Chad Rostron which put me at ease. Eyes a bit sore for the rest of the day but by the time I came for the next days check up my vision was great and good enough to drive. Even the near vision was improved which was unexpected.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Clinical Team: 5/5
  • Technology: 5/5
Nicola Williams
  • Posted on 27/01/2009
  • City : Middlesex

Back in June 2008 I had an appointment at Accuvision in Fulham with the hope of having Wavefront treatment on my eyes. I was very long sighted (approx +6.5 in left eye and +3.5 in right eye). I was very disappointed to be told that I was not a suitable candidate because my corneas were too steep. I was then told that I was potentially suitable for the lens implant. There was no hard sell and all of the risks and implications (such as needing 6 monthly check ups for ever and needing further surgery when I am older to remove my natural lens – I was 35 when I had the operation) and after thinking about it I arranged to see Chad Rostron who would be doing the procedure. All my questions were answered as well as possible so I had my left eye done in July and right eye 3 weeks later in August.

I personally found the procedure awful and hated it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to not have to wear glasses or contact lenses I would not have had the 2nd eye done but I did and am glad that I did.

I did have some pain in one eye after the procedure and went to see Vik who gave me some extra steroid drops to help the healing.

My prescription is now approx -1.5 in my left eye and -0.5 in my right so slight over correction but it is manageable and I have got used to it now and wear glasses occasionally for driving at night for example. I was surprised at how long my brain took to adjust to the different prescription in my eyes but everything has settled now. Overall I am very happy to not be needing contact lenses or glasses all the time!

I would like to thank Vik for being wonderfully supportive and reassuring.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Clinical Team: 5/5
  • Technology: 5/5
  • Posted on 19/12/2008
  • City : Essex

It is now 3 months since I had my cataracts removed and implants installed, I now find life clearer and glasses free. I am eternally grateful to Mr Chad Rostron, Mr V Patel and all the team at Accuvision for their expertise, consideration and general follow up care. Thank you all very much.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Clinical Team: 5/5
  • Technology: 5/5
nicola davies
  • Posted on 20/11/2008
  • City : Kent

Neurovision for Amblyopia (lazy eye)

I have two children who unfortunately have bilateral amblyopia. This was only made apparent to me when my eldest child failed his driving test as he could not read the number plate even with his glasses. Kieran the eldest had aided visual acuity of right eye 6/12 with myopia of -1.25 and his left eye was 6/18 also with myopia of -1.25. I researched amblyopia and thought that nothing could be done. Being unable to drive is a disadvantage for work and social reasons. I eventually read about Neurovision and honestly was a bit sceptical as my son had been referred to southend opthamology unit and again we were told that he had to make the best of what eyesight he had. Then I telephoned Accuvision and spoke to one of the optometrists there. No pressure was given to book an appointment, he just gave me an overview of the treatment. Having spoken to my husband about the treatment I decided to make an appointment which was in early September. Again all the staff were very welcoming and performed many tests on Kierans eyes and confirmed the above prescription. We started the treatment which is done every other day and lasts about 20 minutes. I have to say the treatment is very intense and did give my son headaches, but he kept going. We are just over halfway through treatment on his right eye and to our relief his aided visual acuity is now 6/7.5 and his presciption for myopia has decreased to -0.75. We are really pleased with the result. When he has completed his right eye we will certainly start on his left eye. We also took our youngest son there this month and treatment will hopefully start soon for his right eye.
There are no guarantees for this treatment but from our limited experience from this condition it is really worth investigating. I shall probably post again when we have further results from out two boys. I would just like to thank Mr Patel for all the help and support he has given to Kieran.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Clinical Team: 5/5
  • Technology: 5/5
Andy Taylor
  • Posted on 13/09/2006
  • City : London

If you are thinking about getting this done – do not hesitate, it is fantastic. I had the full custom wavefront Lasik at Accuvision in London, and now have perfect vision in both eyes, better than 20:20.

The customer care at Accuvision was great, they really spend time going through the procedure with you, and are not pushing you into getting it done, they want you to make the best decision. They explained exactly what they were measuring, what the procedure would entail, and what any after effects might be. There was plenty of time to ask questions, and I really felt I was given the information I needed to make my own decision.

I won’t pretend that the procedure itself is fun, but it is remarkably short, and I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever, and the surgeon and nurses allowed plenty of time for me to get comfortable.

Within minutes, both eyes had been done, and after the 15 minutes of rest, I could already see there was a marked improvement.

I stayed at a hotel in Earls Court, so I could have my check-up the next day. My vision was a bit blurry all day, and I couldn’t read or watch TV. My hotel room was on the ninth floor, and when I woke up the next morning, the view from the window was incredible – I could read a billboard in Hammersmith! The horizon was crisp and clear, and I could see the individual leaves on trees.

Honestly, do not hesitate, the anxiety of the procedure is nothing compared to the fantastic results. Perfect vision, no more glasses or contacts.

Accuvision also went the extra mile, as I went travelling 6 weeks after the procedure, and they arranged for me to have my check-up in Sydney with a contact out there.

A huge thanks to Vik, who guided me through the preliminary assessments, and check-ups, and to all the staff who looked after me. 

You do an incredible job, and to anyone considering this – honestly, it’s a piece of cake, and worth every penny.

I did research clinics beforehand, and thought that Accuvision seemed to have the best equipment and the best after-care, and I am really pleased I used them, they were professional and caring, and didn’t use the pushy sales techniques you get from the more ubiquitous high-street clinics.

Thank you, Accuvision.

Andy Taylor

    Karen Shield
    • Posted on 24/06/2005
    • City : London

    It is now 3 weeks, since I plucked up the courage to have laser surgery to my eyes! Like many people I was very anxious about making what was, to me, such a huge decision. However, the pre-op assessment allayed most of my concerns and gave me a really good understanding of what I could expect at the time of surgery and afterwards,and of the potential complications and likely benefits. Many thanks to Vikash Patel, for his patience and calmness, and for answering all my queries, without putting me under any pressure to make a decision.
    The surgery went exactly as planned with all the staff helping to put me at my ease. What amazes me most, is that for me, there really was no pain at all! The surgeon Mr Rostron was highly professional and the whole procedure took about 15 minutes.
    Unfortunately, at my follow up the next day, it became apparent that the corneal flap had moved during the night and was ruckled up, leaving my vision blurred.Within minutes, after a comprehensive explanation, I was back in the treatment room, having the flap repositioned. Once again the procedure was swift and painless, and the following day my sight was perfect.
    This has been one of the best decisions I have made, my eyesight is perfect and it is great not to have to wear glasses any more! I would highly recommend the friendly staff and the expertise I found at AccuVision.

      Paul Nightingale
      • Posted on 02/04/2004
      • City : London

      Thursday 29th January was D day for me, at 3.30pm I was +7.75 / -2.50 x180 right eye and +8.00 / -2.50 x 180 left eye, by 4.00 pm I could read the time on Daryus’ watch.

      The procedure was painless and very fast, I got off the table and made my way to the waiting room with my eyes firmly shut, each time I opened them they streamed with tears but weren’t too uncomfortable. Fifteen minutes later Mike came out and got me a coffee and administered the eye drops. I left the practice approx 20 minutes later.

      The irritation in my eyes passed within 3 hours and then felt as right as rain, I watched some telly and feel asleep at 10.30 pm that evening. Next morning woke at 5.50 am and felt great I COULD SEE, though a little misty as the bandage lenses were still in. Later that morning I had an appointment at 10.30 with Accuvision and met up with Daryus, Mike and Vikash, they were all very happy to see me and were extremely friendly. For the first time in my life just there and then all of a sudden I could see in true 3D, it was amazing. Vikash took me for some tests and after I had finished reading the bottom line of the chart announced I had 20/20 vision in both eyes, he also showed me a computer generated picture of my eyes, the difference in the shape was amazing.

      Saturday 31st January 2004, woke and eyes were a little red and sore, gone a bit sight sighted overnight but not worried at all, later my right eye is perfect but my left eye is still short sighted. Sunday I wake and both eyes are slightly short sighted, later right eye improves but left lags a little behind. Today both eyes short sighted again but I’m not worried at all, if my eyes never improve from this position they are still a million times better than they were pre-op.

      I know my eyes will improve over time and I expect them to fluctuate at times, but one thing I will never forget is Friday 30th January 2004 10.30 am, I had 20/20 without contact lenses without glasses, with my own eyes.

      I am 40 years old I have worn glasses from the age of 3 yrs, contact lenses since I was 16 yrs. LIFE BEGINS AT 40. NOW I CAN CLEARLY SEE MY DREAMS.

      Words are not enough to express my gratitude towards Vikash Patel, Daryus, Mike, Nick Jacobs and the lovely nurse, they did a fantastically professional job for me, they really care about people and their eyes. They have the best state of the art equipment and I highly recommend Wave Front Laser Surgery.

      Accuvision are the only people in the UK that could treat me, thank God they are there.


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