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Welcome to AccuVision

At AccuVision, our goal is to give you the very best vision possible by using the safest and most effective treatments available.

Our world-class team, expertise, advanced AccuWave™ Wavefront diagnostics and laser technology will give you the confidence to seriously consider life-changing laser eye surgery.

Our focus is on your safety and your eye care. All prospective laser eye surgery patients benefit from a free, in-depth and no obligation consultation to assess suitability for treatments. We aim to answer all your questions and will create the best treatment plan for your specific needs and expectations.

If you have been told elsewhere, that you are not suitable for laser eye surgery, then AccuVision has good news for you.

AccuVision’s advanced AccuWave™ technology and pioneering techniques enable us to safely treat more complex cases and higher prescriptions.

AccuVision cares for your vision. Now, and for years to come.

AccuVision. Vision for a clearer future.
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To transform your life, by safely and significantly reducing your dependency on contact lenses or glasses.

We are fully focused on giving you the very best vision possible. We achieve this using the latest AccuWave™ laser technology, the highest levels of expertise, and our many years of experience dealing with the highest and most complex prescriptions.

  • Improving your eyesight and overall quality of life.
  • We treat our patients individually – even if you have been refused treatment elsewhere.
  • We transform lives by reducing your dependency on contact lenses or glasses.
  • We have impeccable standards of excellence. Our surgeons treat you using our superior, leading technologies.
  • AccuVision makes high-end laser eye surgery accessible to all.
Financing Financing
To help you achieve clearer vision as soon as possible, AccuVision offers an interest free payment plan, spreading the cost of your surgery over 10 months. For more information on our finance options, click here.
*Subject to eligibility, credit checks and approval.
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How successful is laser eye treatment at AccuVision UK? 
Mother and Child in Car by BeachOur success is built upon giving our patients the very best outcome that can possibly be achieved through laser eye surgery. Even though we treat many patients who have been refused by other clinics, due to extreme prescriptions or eye conditions, over 99% of our patients are able to drive without glasses soon after laser eye treatment. At your consultation we will discuss what can be achieved in your individual case. You can view our latest audited results here.
How much does laser eye surgery cost at AccuVision UK? 
Like your eyes, every laser eye surgery treatment plan is different. We include state-of-the art Wavefront diagnostics as a routine part of every 'pre-op' at no extra cost. This means that we can recommend the clinically most appropriate laser eye surgery treatment for your condition from our extensive range of options. We do not believe in tiered options allowing price to dictate the quality of treatment you receive. In each case, we would only recommend what we believe to be the safest and best for you.

Our eye surgery treatment plans extend to -14.00 and above +6.00 and are very competitively priced when compared with other clinics. In some cases we will consider price matching with other clinics.

To find out more about our prices click here.
Does LASIK eye surgery hurt? 
Laser eye surgery treatment is virtually painless. However, you may experience some mild to moderate discomfort and watering of the eyes for a few hours after LASIK surgery treatment.
Do the results from laser eye surgery last? 
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Laser vision treatment restores improved vision reducing or eliminating the need for glasses and contact lenses. Your vision like everybody else's will change naturally over time. This is not a 'failure' or complication of treatment, just a fact of life. Your consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss what outcomes and any likely future changes you can expect.
What happens when I get older? 
As we reach our mid 40's, the fine focusing mechanism of the lens does not function as well as when we were younger. As a result many of us will need the help of reading glasses for presbyopia. There are treatments available from AccuVision, which can help to treat this, such as Monovision and Blended Vision. Find out more about them here.
If my vision changes later in life, can I repeat the laser eye surgery? 
In most cases, an enhancement may be a solution to vision changes that occur later in life. Our specialists will re-examine your eyes at the time to find a suitable vision solution for you.
How long before I can see well after laser eye surgery? 
Visual rehabilitation after treatment is rapid. Most people achieve good vision the day after surgery and find that their eyes feel fairly normal 24 hours later. However, your sight will improve even further, and the very best vision could take two to three weeks.
Can both eyes be corrected at the same time? 
Because of increased safety and predictability we are happy to treat both eyes at the same time.
Will I require multiple laser eye surgery treatments? 
In over 98% of cases a single laser eye surgery treatment is sufficient. In others, a second enhancement treatment may be required to help you achieve optimum vision. This is at no extra cost to you (within a year of treatment).
Do I need to bring anyone with me to the free consultation? 
We suggest that you bring someone with you to the initial screening if you are driving to the clinic as the drops we use in the eyes may affect your vision for a short time afterwards.
Why AccuVision?
Patient care & safety
Patient care & safety

At AccuVision, our patients' safety always comes first. Our focus is on your specific requirements, before, during and after surgery.

Before your surgery, the AccuVision team carry out extensive diagnostic testing and an in-depth consultation to ensure that all individual variances are taken into account when planning your treatment. Click here to read more about the consultation.

During your surgery, our experienced clinical team, use only the world's most advanced Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite, ensuring the safest treatment for you. Click here to read more about our technology.

We also provide extensive after-care to ensure that we can carefully monitor your progress and recovery. Regular follow-ups allow us to manage the future health of your eyes and provide a sound clinical history should you need it in the future for any reason. Click here to read more about after-care.
A world-class laser eye surgery team
A world-class laser eye surgery team

Established in 2001, AccuVision, has successfully performed over 40,000 treatments. Our level of service firmly establishes us as one of the most trusted, caring and respected clinics in the UK.

Our team of specialists each have over 15 years of experience in refractive laser eye surgery. Their expertise together with our unique advanced technology has helped thousands to achieve their dream of clearer vision and freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

The AccuVision team is also actively involved in developing new surgical applications and procedures, continually striving to improve the quality of care and safety standards.

Read our patient reviews to see what thousands of satisfied patients have to say about their AccuVision experience.
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