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    Why choose AccuVision?

    Patient satisfaction

    Our personalised treatment plans ensure the best care for your specific needs.

    Care promise

    Personal care committed to achieving the best future for your eye health and visual needs.

    Refused treatment elsewhere?

    Advanced technology and clinical expertise enable us to safely treat a wider range of conditions.

    Laser Eye Surgery at AccuVision is not about us....

    It’s about YOU!

    Few things are more important than your eyesight, and at AccuVision, we are dedicated to patient safety, the health of your eyes and giving you the best vision possible, now and in the years ahead. Our results speak for themselves and we have built our reputation on personal recommendations since we started changing people’s lives, in 2001.

    AccuVision. Vision for a clearer future.

    "It's now 3 months after my surgery and I do not have to think about contact lenses or glasses, it's much less effort and hassle."
    Sally Bennet
    Sally Bennet
    "I used to be +7.00 in one eye and +6.00 in the other and now I have 20/20 vision."
    Giordaina Hartley
    Giordaina Hartley
    "There was no pressure during the consulation, it was all about me and about my vision, just trying to help me find a way to improve my vision."
    Liam Hanrahan
    Liam Hanrahan

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    Speak to one of our Clinical Team today!

    We are NOT call centre based.

    You can reach us directly at our clinic and speak to us about your individual treatment needs.

    Welcome To Clearer Vision

    A future with better eyesight with Wavefront LASIK
    Clearer Vision


    How successful is Laser Eye Treatment at AccuVision?

    Our success is built upon giving our patients the very best outcome that can possibly be achieved through Laser Eye Surgery. Even though we treat many patients who have been refused treatment by other clinics, due to extreme prescriptions or eye conditions, our results are outstanding. At your consultation we will discuss what can be achieved in your individual case.

    How much does Laser Eye Surgery cost at AccuVision?

    Like your eyes, every Laser Eye Surgery treatment plan is different. We include state-of-the art Wavefront and topography diagnostics as a routine part of every assessment at no extra cost. This means that we can recommend the most appropriate Laser Eye Surgery treatment for your condition from our extensive range of options. We do not believe in tiered options and allowing price to dictate the quality of treatment you receive. In each case, we would only recommend what we believe to be the safest and best for you.

    Do the results from Laser Eye Surgery last?

    Laser Vision Correction can turn the clock back and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, but nature’s clock does keep ticking for us all. Although the result of Laser Eye Surgery is permanent, natural changes in our vision as with everything over time are inevitable and simply a fact of life. Your consultation and detailed discussion will provide the opportunity to discuss what outcomes and any likely future changes you can expect.

    Does LASIK hurt?

    Laser Eye Surgery is virtually painless. However, you may experience some mild to moderate discomfort and watering of the eyes for a few hours after LASIK.

    What happens as I get older?

    As we reach our mid 40’s, the fine focusing mechanism of the lens does not function as well as when we were younger. As a result many of us will need the help of reading glasses for presbyopia. There are treatments available from AccuVision, which can help to treat this, such as Blended Vision. Contact us to learn more.

    If my vision changes later in life, can Laser Eye Surgery be performed more than once?

    In most cases, an enhancement may be a solution to vision changes that occur later in life. Our specialists will re-examine your eyes at the time to find a suitable vision solution for you.

    How long before I am functional after Laser Eye Surgery?

    Recovery after treatment is rapid. Most people recover well enough to return to normal routine within 24-48 hours.

    No two eyes are ever the same and everyone heals individully. We can advise you on what course of recovery to expect at the time of your consultation. Every patient has 24 hour telephone access to the clinical team for peace of mind following your treatment.

    Can both eyes be corrected at the same time?

    Because of increased safety and predictability, most corneal refractive procedures are performed with treatment to both eyes on the same day. Every pair of eyes is unique and we will guide you on the best treatment option for you once we know more about your vision and your goals.

    Have Any Questions?

    Speak to one of our Clinical Team today!

    We are NOT call centre based.

    You can reach us directly at our clinic and speak to us about your individual treatment needs.

    Some Of Our Happy Patients!

    Ellie talks about her Laser Blended Vision

    She’s no longer restricted by contact lenses and glasses after 25 years and is thrilled that she doesn’t fall asleep watching movies anymore.

    Martin Laser Eye Surgery

    Martin didn’t realise what an impact Lasik Eye Surgery could make, until he finally decided to go to AccuVision for Laser Eye Surgery.

    Keith Macintosh

    Around 4 years ago after hearing about a fellow adventurer having treatment at AccuVision, Keith decided to come for a consultation himself.

    Karen Laser Eye Surgery

    It took Karen a year before she could find a Laser Eye Surgery clinic she could really trust with her future vision. However, the wait was worth it!

    What AccuVision Will NEVER Do


    We won't divert enquiries to a remote call centre.

    Choose to speak to AccuVision about the treatment you are interested in and you will be put through to a member of our highly experienced clinical team. You will be given qualified answers to the questions you need to ask to assist you in making your decision.


    We won’t try to baffle you with science of marketing, we will simply provide you with the facts.

    We will communicate with you on the phone, by email and in person at your consultation in a way that helps you to clearly understand your vision and how it can be corrected.

    We have in depth knowledge of the technical aspects of our treatment plans and the technology we use and will be pleased to share that with you too if you wish.


    We won't make claims we can't substantiate.

    When you research eye clinics you’ll frequently come across apparently impressive statistics that claim success. Yet on closer examination those figures probably aren’t all they claim to be. Be wary of anyone who says they can give successful outcomes 98, 99 or even 100% of the time before they even see you.

    You may hear claims such as ’20:20 or your money back’ but what they don’t tell you is you’ll have to wait a year, accept a re-treat and attend all your post op appointments – There are lots of t’s and c’s.

    You will never be attended to by an inexperienced specialist.

    Your first appointment will be with a highly experienced optometrist with 10 years experience or more. Whatever your prescription, they will give you impartial advice and base any recommendations on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the team at AccuVision. Our patient outcomes have been consistently outstanding since our inception. This can be seen through nearly two decades of patient testimonials.

    We won't quote a low price just to attract your attention.

    AccuVision use their specialist skills and technology to treat both everyday and highly complex prescriptions. Our prices, whilst very competitive reflect the complexity of the case we are being asked to treat. But remember, however attractive our competitors’ prices seem, we offer better value than any high street clinic. We can even provide 0% finance to help you spread the cost of your treatment.

    Have Any Questions?

    Speak to one of our Clinical Team today!

    We are NOT call centre based.

    You can reach us directly at our clinic and speak to us about your individual treatment needs.

    Our clinics

    AccuVision London

    AccuVision: The Eye Clinic
    42-48 New Kings Road
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    AccuVision: The Eye Clinic
    3 The Courtyard
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    AccuVision: The Eye Clinic
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      Invest in your visual future
      Wavefront LASIK
      Vision Correction
      Winter Offer!
      JUST£1200*per eye
      *Usual price £1800 per eye | *T’s & C’s apply
      Fill in the contact form or call us today to arrange a complimentary screening consultation. Quote “WINTER OFFER” when making your enquiry.
      *See T’s & C’s below.

        I agree with terms of use and privacy policy
        The information you have provided may be held on our database. It will not be sold to any third party. Our privacy policy which we are obliged to give you under the GDPR is available here.
        Terms & Conditions
        Offer price of £1200 per eye is valid for:
        • WaveFront Optimised Surgery for both eyes. Offer does not apply to a single eye treatment.
        • Myopic prescriptions under -3.50 dioptres only. Prescriptions with other additional conditions/variations may not be eligible and are subject to a detailed evaluation.
        • Prescriptions outside the eligible range are always competitively priced.
        • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
        • There are no cash alternatives to this offer.
        • All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcomes through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits including ones specific to your circumstances at the time of your preoperative consultation.
        • AccuVision reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer.