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Iain Mackay
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 14/02/2024

I opted for the blended Lasik surgery and the results are phenomenal. I was able to drive just 48 hours after surgery and a week on, have 20/20 vision. An exceptional experience from original enquiry through to surgery. The knowledgeable and friendly team instantly put you at ease with any doubts you may have. I would 100% recommend the London Accuvision team if you are considering laser eye surgery. The procedure was pain free and I cant believe how quick my post surgery recovery was.
Massive thanks to Shalona, Vik, Mary, Johan and the rest of the team for the great advice and care you showed me.
“Look no further than Accuvision !”

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Zoe Thurman
AccuVision Yorkshire
  • Posted on 14/02/2024

Natalia and the team at Acccuvision Wetherby have all been amazing and I recommend them very highly. The whole experience, from my first enquiry, has been really professional, efficient and smooth and I’ve felt really supported throughout. All of my questions have been answered and I’m really happy with the care.

The results are unbelievable – even though I felt very well prepared about what to expect, the surgery and recovery have been so much better than I could have ever imagined. My prescription was -7, so the change has been incredible. Thank you!

  • Customer Services: 5/5
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 14/02/2024

In early 2018, I noticed subtle changes in my left eye. I was constantly cleaning my glasses, fine visual detail was diminishing, and I was having headaches after looking at any screen. I thought I had a change in my prescription; therefore, I visited my optometrist. After mentioning my symptoms and the optometrist failing to correct my vision, they investigated for other causes and noticed a change in the shape of my cornea. By March 2018, I was referred to the NHS ophthalmology department, where I was formerly diagnosed with keratoconus, and began trialling hard lenses to correct the vision in my left eye. It became apparent within the first few months that my disease was progressing rapidly; therefore, I was put on the waiting list for crosslinking eye surgery for my left eye. The NHS waiting list for several years, so I looked into private options and found Accuvision in late Autumn 2018.

How Accuvision have helped
Once at Accusvision, I was seen within the week, and the scans at their practice in Parsons Green confirmed the diagnosis of keratoconus in my left eye and revealed a new diagnosis of early keratoconus in my right eye. With the ophthalmologists at Accuvision, we decided to do bilateral crosslinking, scheduled a few weeks after my initial appointment with Accuvision. Everything leading up to the surgery and after was amazing. I felt supported and heard by everyone at Accuvision. The procedure was explained clearly, and the aftercare was laid out so I knew what to expect. The surgery itself was over in the blink of an eye, and for the few weeks after the surgery, I had access to the ophthalmologists any time of day and night, and that was a huge reassurance to me. After recovering from the surgery, we began working to correct my vision on my newly strengthed cornea. This involved trialling every type of contact lens and trying different lenses for my glasses. The team at Accuvision persevered with me as it took me several months to find a solution that suited me. They personalised every aspect of my care so that I achieved the best vision possible with my condition. I have been able to achieve 20/20 vision in my right eye, which I have maintained. With my left eye, which has progressed further, I have a level of vision that allows me to carry on with my daily life and work.

If it weren’t for the hard work of everyone at Accuvision, I wouldn’t have found out that my right eye was also affected by this disease and would have a far worse quality of life due to reduced vision.

Since my initial diagnosis, I have been followed up regularly and have had to have a second surgery for my left eye due to further progression. This was identified by the ophthalmologists at Accuvision before any significant changes in my vision.

I’d like to personally thank Vikash, Johaan and Professor Ayliffe

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Tom Leck
AccuVision Midlands
  • Posted on 14/02/2024

Best thing I ever did! I have been wearing contact lenses for 20 years but found them uncomfortable as my eyes were getting quite dry. Several people I know all suggested I go to accuvision Solihull. Amazing staff, amazing results.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 14/02/2024

The team at AccuVision London are a courteous and friendly bunch. I came in for a consultation for Laser Eye surgery and was made to feel comfortable and at ease. My consultation to test my eyes was rigorous and extremely helpful. Ultimately the Dr advised me to not get the surgery, as my eyes had not settled. However, to come back in 2 – 3 years for another consultation. I was also advised to change my glasses prescription, as my eyes were still strained with my current lenses. This was quite an enlightening visit and I’m very grateful for the professionalism and honesty. I would highly recommend AccuVision to anyone interested in LASIK. I’ll be back in a few years hopefully!

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Lauren Moore
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 29/05/2023

One month on from my surgery and my eyesight is amazing! From -5.0 to perfect vision in one easy 5 minute procedure. The staff in London are all fantastic and make you feel incredibly at ease. They answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me extra eye drops without question when I enquired. Would recommend to absolutely anyone!

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Jason Higgins
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 29/05/2023

I cannot recommend the London branch highly enough. 10/10 for friendliness , putting my mind at ease at most importantly superb results after surgery. My vision has improved beyond my wildest dreams . Thank you guys!

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Denise Murphy
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 29/05/2023

Very professional service with great care and attention. Really pleased with my results and after care services

  • Customer Services: 5/5
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