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Natalie Burrows
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 29/05/2023

I had laser surgery on my left eye 15 years ago to correct my reading vision
The surgeon thought it may last last for 5-6 years however my eyesight has remained successful for over 15 years
I strongly recommend having laser treatment with Accuvision
I have noticed a slight deterioration in my left eye recently
I had a check up I was told that I could have future laser surgery the surgeon recommended I wear contact lenses which would correct my reading vision for a couple of weeks and if was happy with the results they could go a head with a 2nd laser treatment
Great team Fulham Accuvision
Thank you

  • Customer Services: 5/5
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 29/05/2023

I recently has laser eye surgery after being entirely reliant on glasses and contact lenses for many years and and choosing Accuvision was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The whole process, from my initial consultation to aftercare and checkups, has been so easy and the staff were so professional, supportive and attentive. I am so happy with the results. I am so grateful and fortunate to everyone at Accuvision for this amazing and life changing treatment! Highly recommend.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
James Gollop
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 08/03/2023

I have recently had a Corneal cross linking procedure.
I must admit I never give reviews, but I have been so impressed with the professionalism and support from all the staff working at the clinic, I felt it was important for me to do so.
Thank you so much to all the staff and the support you have given me.
A special shout out to Shalona who really took the time looking after me, and also explaining the aftercare and future support.
Looking forward to recovery and further follow ups.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Samara Amiri-garroussi
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 28/02/2023

Having had a couple of recommendations myself, I had an assessment at Accuvision Parsons Green and the knowledge, extensive experience, and individual consideration of the team was outstanding throughout, and I could not recommend this clinic highly enough.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Simon Bennett
AccuVision Yorkshire
  • Posted on 12/02/2023

Thank you so much to the team in Wetherby Accuvision. Outstanding customer service from start to finish, reception, optician & surgeons. 24 hrs post surgery and I can now use iPad/phone and i watch without glasses. Pain free procedure, takes around the same time as a regular dentist check up. First class service from a very caring team. Would highly recommend. Competitively priced with outstanding customer service. Thank you.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Charlotte Sansom
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 13/12/2022

Seven years ago, following the recommendation of my best friend, I had corrective eye surgery with Accuvision and it is one of the best things I have ever done.

Despite being extremely short-sighted (-11.5 and -12 in contact lenses), the superb team at Accuvision in Parsons Green gave me 20:20 vision and I still have 20:20 vision seven years later.

The team is superb, which is why I return for regular check-ups, knowing that they genuinely care about my eye health. I highly recommend Accuvision and its phenomenal service.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Arta S.
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 02/09/2022

Accuvision Jewel – expertise blended with genuine care

Last year this time, I had a super bad vision (almost -7 per eye), so I firmly decided I want to undergo laser eye surgery. For this reason, I did a thorough desk research and visited few eye clinics to understand where can I get the best care possible.

Internet is a weird place where it’s pretty easy to get “seduced” by clinics that put lots of money behind their advertising and offer referral discounts (i.e. Optical Express), but when you go there physically you are not treated as a human, you’re treated as a transaction. The majority of clinics know how to sell their superb technologies, but they don’t understand how to use emotional intelligence and to connect with people on a personal level for something as important as their eyes.

Accuvision was different. No glittery marketing around this clinic, but in contrast, from the first interaction with the team, I felt like I was at home. The team has demonstrated not only high-level expertise but also 24/7 accessibility and genuine care that you need in the moments when you’re the most fearful before, during, and after surgery. From the receptionist to the surgeon, there is no exception – you’ll be treated fairly from beginning till the end. Needless to say, the outcome of my surgery was more than great, my vision is perfect and I’m happy to highly recommend Accuvision clinic to anyone interested in laser eye surgery.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
Assad A
AccuVision Midlands
  • Posted on 02/09/2022

I used AccuVision after my brother recommended them. I was rejected from getting laser surgery from another place but the team was great and after thorough examination and tests decided I could have the treatment. They are top in their field and know what they are doing. Everything was explained well and paperwork was given to read. On the surgery day, everything went smoothly and the surgeons were very experienced. The surgery went fine a little nervous but you just lie down and be still, the laser when it starts all you see is a red dot mostly. After the surgery the aftercare was great and it was all explained to me very well regarding taking drops and how often. The first night for me was painful as your eyes have a sensation however with the pain relief and drops this is manageable. After the first night the healing process was very fast for me. I attended regular checkups. I went from being -10plus to not needing any glasses and it’s great, so grateful to the team and would definately highly recommend.

  • Customer Services: 5/5
AccuVision London
  • Posted on 02/09/2022

I have received outstanding care at Accuvision and I cannot fault the expertise of all the staff at the clinic. The honesty and integrity is excellent and something hard to come by. I came here upon recommendation so please don’t hesitate – no more contacts or glasses for me and I’m thrilled! Thank you, all!

  • Customer Services: 5/5
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