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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Our patients are invited to leave a review or testimonial following their laser eye surgery. We hope that making these independent reviews available to you here will help you to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be an AccuVision patient. We treat a wide range of prescriptions and conditions at AccuVision . To make it easier for you to find a review or testimonial relevant to your condition all you need to do is click on one of the highlighted words on the word map below to see a more relevant selection of testimonials.
Many people who are considering laser eye surgery value the opportunity to talk to patients who have just received the treatment themselves or who have written a review or testimonial. Our patients usually give permission to be contacted and many are happy to talk to you following their surgery. Just ask if you wish us to arrange this for you when you book in for a consultation. Just complete the enquiry form opposite and we will get in contact with you to arrange.

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Review by Deborah
Posted on 11/03/2019
Rating: 5/5
I visited AccuVison 4 years ago for consultation. I did not go ahead with procedure simply because I just didn’t, perhaps nerves and cost. From the initial contact with AccuVision until this year, I received no hard sales pitch, no emails, no letters, no advertising or special offers! This indicates AccuVision will not apply pressure for business, respect customers decisions and privacy. Communications leading up to procedure, emails, telephone calls, texts and letters were all extremely professional, courteous, reassuring, timely and most importantly explanatory. I returned last Friday 8th March 2019 receiving the same level of professional face to face customer service I did 4 years ago at reception, from start to finish on consultation, eye tests, actual procedure and day after care! Premise hygiene is of an excellent standard, a comfortable warm, welcoming environment. The complimentary hot beverage machine, especially hot chocolate is of good quality 😊. Extensive level of eye examinations and consultation prior to procedure, is one of confidence, provides TRUST reassurance, transparent, informative, friendly and interactive. Procedure for both eyes took less than 15 minutes, no pain, no discomfort. Every step of procedure explained just before it was done so you had an idea what to expect. Instilled trust you were in the best hands. The only time you are unable to see is about for 5 seconds per eye and you are informed this is about to happen. Other than that, you always have vision even after the procedure is complete! Whilst every case is different, experience after procedure continued the same as during procedure, no pain or discomfort with vision. By my follow up visit the next day my vision was literally 20/20! I could not use my mobile, laptop or read without glasses. 24 hours after procedure I no longer require glasses! This is not vanity but a necessity 😊. Dependent on glasses for over 20 years and some inaccurate prescriptions I only wish I had done this sooner! Extremely liberating. Thank you AccuVision! Highly recommended.
Posted on 02/03/2019
Rating: 5/5
Firstly I cannot believe there are any bad reviews for Accuvision!!! I suffer from Keratoconus in both eyes and my Accuvision journey began 2 years ago after being told by the NHS and other high street opticians that there was nothing more they could do for my condition. I spoke to Kareena over the phone who suggested I visit the Wetherby clinic for a consultation to see if they could help. The first consultation where we met some of the team including Darius and Kareena concentrated on the less damaged right eye and a procedure called cross linking with laser was explained to me. This was booked in for 2 weeks later at Wetherby and even though I was understandably nervous it was they best thing I have ever done. Any questions before the day of surgery were answered by E-Mail or phone and helped put me at ease before the big day. The team, especially Kareena looked after me and the surgical team were amazing. The aftercare was faultless. We stayed overnight and had a checkup the next day where everything was explained clearly about the coming weeks and what to expect. There were regular check ups following this procedure which led to a consultation in London with Prof Ayliffe for the next stage of my treatment, a full corneal graft on my left eye at Spire St Anthony's in London. We met more of the team in London including Johan and Vik. Again amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Aftercare for both eyes is still ongoing. This is more than just a laser surgery company, you can definitely trust them with your eyes. I actually look forward to my check ups in Wetherby and London just to see everyone. I am now able to see much better which will improve more as time goes on, I am driving again which I really missed before all this began. Accuvision have undoubtedly improved my quality of life.
Review by Janet Brown
Posted on 16/02/2019
Rating: 5/5
I had been considering laser eye surgery for about 12 months. The fear had put me off. Accuvision was recommended to me via a friend who had received treatment from them many years ago. I plucked up the courage to go for the consultation. From making the initial appointment, throughout the procedure and during the aftercare I cannot stress how amazing everyone was. I was fully informed, I was looked after and made to feel so at ease. The procedure is completely painless. The recovery is swift and I would recommend Accuvision to anyone who may be considering treatment. My results are quite astonishing and I will go as far to say life changing Thank you so much
Review by Gerald Amos
Posted on 24/01/2019
Rating: 5/5
outstanding service and support both immediate and long term, life changing procedure, no complaints, at all highly recommended and excellent value for money
Review by Marc Brown
Posted on 11/12/2018
Rating: 5/5
I am a doctor working in east london. I have been short sighted since about 15 years old and recently felt my quality of life may improve with laser eye surgery - i hate wearing glasses. I found accuvision online and went to the Parsons Green clinic to find out more information. I had a free extensive eye test as you would with an optician, but also some extra tests looking at the cornea in closer detail. My optometrist was Johan and he didn't make me feel rushed, and was very kinda and patient throughout. After i left i did not have any hassle chasing me up for an answer as to whether i wanted to proceed. I decided to go ahead with the procedure a few months later and i am really glad i did. I was nervous on the day of surgery, but it does help to speak to other people who were operated on earlier that day. You meet the surgeon on that day, and spend a short time developing a rapport and signing the consent form. The procedure itself was relatively fast. It is uncomfortable to have a procedure done on your eyes, but it was not painful at all. I went home after and kept my eyes shut for most of it. I did my own eye test at home and found i was 20/20 within 4 hours already (albeit with alot of grittiness and halos around lights as expected) Follow up care was great, i was lucky and it all went completely smoothly - i am now 20/15 and have no complaints at all. If you have the money i would definitely recommend it - i recently had a chance to put some glasses on with my old eye sight prescription and i couldn't believe how bad they were! Thanks to everyone at Accuvision for a great service.

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