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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Our patients are invited to leave a review or testimonial following their laser eye surgery. We hope that making these independent reviews available to you here will help you to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be an AccuVision patient. We treat a wide range of prescriptions and conditions at AccuVision . To make it easier for you to find a review or testimonial relevant to your condition all you need to do is click on one of the highlighted words on the word map below to see a more relevant selection of testimonials.
Many people who are considering laser eye surgery value the opportunity to talk to patients who have just received the treatment themselves or who have written a review or testimonial. Our patients usually give permission to be contacted and many are happy to talk to you following their surgery. Just ask if you wish us to arrange this for you when you book in for a consultation. Just complete the enquiry form opposite and we will get in contact with you to arrange.

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Review by Jenny van der Hoeven
Posted on 07/03/2018
Rating: 5/5
Having worn glasses or contacts since I was 8, I was anxiously waiting for my eyesight to stabilise so that I could have my eyesight surgically corrected. With a strong prescription, as well as astigmatism, I was eager for a life free of glasses. As a keen runner, I was extremely excited to find out that I was eligible for the surgery. I had been to other clinics for consultations, and was told that as I have large pupils, I would have to go for the most expensive treatment, which was twice the cost of AccuVision! I had my fears calmed by the very professional team, and was told that it would not be a problem in my case. On the day, the entire team were extremely reassuring and calming, and made sure that any questions I had were answered. The procedure itself was quick, and the team talked me through the whole process, step by step, as it was happening. I was beyond thrilled to open my eyes immediately after the surgery and be able to see! Although I am still in the early stages of recovery, I am extremely happy with the results and am enjoying my eyesight.
Review by Robert
Posted on 22/02/2018
Rating: 5/5
I decided to go for LASIK after 8 years of needing increasingly stronger reading glasses and, after looking into a few laser surgery companies I contacted Accuvision - London. After an initial 75 min consultation, i was told I was suitable and recommended having blended monovision treatment. No hard sales or follow up calls at all, I booked up for the LASIK procedure early Feb 18 and had the surgery which literally took 10 mins max, was not painful at all but was understandably quite an intense experience - but undertaken very quickly by a very well organised team. I could notice the improvement immediately and returned the following day for routine check up and to have the protective contact lenses removed - all 100% and vision better than 20/20. I was able to change the TXT size on my phone from second largest size to smallest possible and could read messages perfectly within 24 hrs . 3 weeks have passed since and my vision has totally stabilised and I do not even think about glasses any more. I can now read car reg plates at 40 metres + easily where I would have struggled to tell you what car type it was before. There were a couple of slightly worrying days when my vision did seem a bit blurry during the first week or so, especially at night but the reviews reassured me this is normal and to be expected and is temporary, and it does clear within 2-3 weeks. I am totally happy with the process and Accuvision as a team, Vik the consultant was totally honest and explained the options and long term expectations very clearly. The aftercare has also been great. The cost was a little more than I anticipated initially but not having to bother with eye tests or new glasses every year or so and not having to clean, find or repair them is an absolute god send and justifies the expense fully. Just do it if you want to improve your vision significantly and be glasses free for many years. Truly a life changing procedure and experience.
Review by Craig Larkin
Posted on 21/01/2018
Rating: 5/5
I've had a fantastic experience with AccuVision from start to finish. From the first phone call to the most recent checkup, they've been great every step of the way. I went to several different companies for consultations and quotes and AccuVision turned out to be not only the most trustworthy and caring, but also the lowest priced quote I ended up with. Every other company I met with gave me the impression that I was just a walking money bag on the great laser eye surgery conveyer belt, rather than a human being with questions and fears. AccuVision were the only company who seemed truly happy to answer my many questions without rushing me along and I really appreciate that. I'm very happy to have chosen them and am now without my glasses for the first time in over a decade, with my sight better than I can ever remember it being. Really can't thank AccuVision enough, they're a great company and can certainly be trusted with your precious eyesight, give them a call and you'll be in safe hands.
Review by Debbie Matthews
Posted on 07/01/2018
Rating: 5/5
I cannot rate this clinic highly enough! From my initial consultation through to my treatment and after care and most importantly my vision! My vision is sublime and I could not have hoped for a better result!! The team and the clinic are awesome!
"Accuvision have exceeded my expectations..."
Review by C Czepukojc
Posted on 15/12/2017
Rating: 5/5
 A truly first class service and professionalism. My eyesight is amazing and, after consulting two other providers I decided to go with Accuvision because of their friendliness and non pushy approach.
I was impressed with the cleanliness and friendliness of the clinic and its staff.
Accuvision have exceeded my expectations. I am entirely happy with what was a very serious decision and most importantly, I have faith in Accuvision and its staff to give me the best treatment possible.

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