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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Our patients are invited to leave a review or testimonial following their laser eye surgery. We hope that making these independent reviews available to you here will help you to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be an AccuVision patient. We treat a wide range of prescriptions and conditions at AccuVision . To make it easier for you to find a review or testimonial relevant to your condition all you need to do is click on one of the highlighted words on the word map below to see a more relevant selection of testimonials.
Many people who are considering laser eye surgery value the opportunity to talk to patients who have just received the treatment themselves or who have written a review or testimonial. Our patients usually give permission to be contacted and many are happy to talk to you following their surgery. Just ask if you wish us to arrange this for you when you book in for a consultation. Just complete the enquiry form opposite and we will get in contact with you to arrange.

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"I underwent treatment 10 years ago, achieving 20/20 vision as a consequence. Since then I have had no problems and my eyesight is still as I would hav..."
Review by Jeff Jones
Posted on 27/07/2017
Rating: 5/5
I underwent treatment over 10 years ago, achieving 20/20 vision as a consequence. Since then I have had no problems and my eyesight is still as I would have hoped. I cannot praise the treatment and service I received from AccuVision high enough. I only wish I had done it before I did. Highly recommended.
"I did not feel I was being marketed to at my consultation..."
Review by Jay Glover
Posted on 14/07/2017
Rating: 5/5
 I checked a few options for my surgery when I was considering having it done. It was the only time the limitations of the procedure were explained openly and honestly. This freshness reflects well and I did not feel I was being marketed to at my consultation.
The staff have been great at easing concerns and making me feel like I am the most important element in my treatment. 
I chose Accuvision over say Optimax because I trusted the quality of your reviews, even the negatives. I trusted your reviews as they appeared not to be artificially inflated or generated. 
"the guarantee of never having to go back to a -9.0 prescription was enough for me..."
Review by S Hylton
Posted on 07/07/2017
Rating: 5/5
 I attended the Solihull branch over a year ago from having my first consultation. I have a very strong prescription and decided I wanted to be free from wearing contat lenses or glasses for good. I understood that I may have to wear them as I age but the guarantee of never having to go back to a -9.0 prescription was enough for me. 
I decided to book into have surgery and believe it's the best choice I ever made. 
The surgery was quick, the staff were very supportive and the postcare is excellent. If you rely heavily on glasses or contacts to live your everyday life, the laser surgery is definitely for you.
"The team who carried out the surgery were excellent..."
Review by Lindsay
Posted on 23/06/2017
Rating: 5/5
 Went to AccuVision after being refused treatment elsewhere. The staff couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating. There was no pressure to book on the day, infact I was told to go away and think about it first.
The team who carried out the surgery were excellent even though I was nervous and told jokes, they talked to me throughout.
I can't fault anything about the clinic and the people working there.
"If you are considering laser eye surgery then these are the people to contact..."
Review by Elizabeth Padgett
Posted on 16/06/2017
Rating: 5/5
If you are considering laser eye surgery, then these are the people to contact. I spent a lot of time researching and having consultations with other clinics and Accuvision were the only ones that made me feel like an individual. There were no hard sales tactics or annoying phone calls. I cannot praise the staff and service highly enough. I have struggled with my vision for many years, relying on contact lenses and glasses. If I'd known how quick, easy and painless the surgery was, I would have had it years ago. It took literally seconds! And being able to see immediately afterwards was quite unbelievable. The staff at the London clinic were so friendly and helpful, and I can't thank them enough as this is totally life changing for me. I only had my surgery a week ago and I'm already enjoying the benefits of being glasses and contact lens free!! I have already recommended Accuvision to friends and family.

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