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Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Our patients are invited to leave a review or testimonial following their laser eye surgery. We hope that making these independent reviews available to you here will help you to gain a better understanding of what it is like to be an AccuVision patient. We treat a wide range of prescriptions and conditions at AccuVision . To make it easier for you to find a review or testimonial relevant to your condition all you need to do is click on one of the highlighted words on the word map below to see a more relevant selection of testimonials.
Many people who are considering laser eye surgery value the opportunity to talk to patients who have just received the treatment themselves or who have written a review or testimonial. Our patients usually give permission to be contacted and many are happy to talk to you following their surgery. Just ask if you wish us to arrange this for you when you book in for a consultation. Just complete the enquiry form opposite and we will get in contact with you to arrange.

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Review by Andrea Pang
Posted on 26/02/2020
I had LASIK here in February 2020 and am pleased with the results (20:20 vision). Results aside, I highly recommend AccuVision for their professional, extremely thorough and patient-focused approach. Each of the staff I came across from the first consultation to surgery to post surgery had great bedside manners and explained every step of the process so I always understood what was happening. The clinic is clean and comfortable. Written information provided is clear and simple to follow. Thank you for such a positive experience!
"Absolutely worth it..."
Review by Erica
Posted on 25/02/2020
I waited decades to get Lasik because of the cost and my own anxiety about the procedure. When I was finally in the position where I could afford it, I did not want to go to one of the shopping centre clinics that pressure you and try to undercut each other on price. Accuvision (Parsons Green) had such good reviews online and I was comforted by their no-pressure approach. Their price may not have been the lowest (especially due to my level of astigmatism), but it was quite reasonable and covers all aftercare for a year.

They were very upfront about the procedure from the beginning and clear that at my age (42) I would still eventually need reading glasses. Vik was there for every step of the process and I felt like he really made an effort to understand my particular circumstances and specific concerns. I was given realistic expectations regarding the possible outcomes and the risks were very well explained.

The surgery was handled professionally (and is so quick!) and all of the aftercare was well explained and handled. My six-week post-surgery appointment was last week and recovery has succeeded all of my expectations. I just wish I had done this sooner!
Review by Emilia Gray
Posted on 02/02/2020
I waited 6 weeks after surgery before writing this review as I wanted to give an account of the healing process.

When trying to find a clinic to get laser eye surgery, I attended many different consultations at many different places. I instantly noticed the difference at AccuVision. Elsewhere it had felt so corporate; I was just another number that would enable them to hit a target. They quoted me insane costs and then hounded me after with offers to reduce it. This was not the case at Accuvision. At my consultation, Vik took the time to explain my scans to me, what they meant, what condition my eyes were in, etc. Everyone was friendly, kind and calming. I felt as though I could spend all day picking Vik's brain if I needed (which I didn't!) as not once did he make me feel rushed or under pressure. I was given a quote and it was far cheaper than any other place I had been. I was told they would not hound me afterwards with offers to reduce the cost - they would just enable me to reflect and make a decision myself.
On the day of my surgery I was very nervous but everyone I interacted with at AccuVision was so calming and kind. I particularly liked that the surgeons would bring people out who had just had the surgery done to wait in reception for 30 mins before leaving. They would actively encourage these patients (if they seemed up to it) to speak to people about to go in for their surgery about the procedure. This did wonders to calm my nerves as everybody said how FINE it was! There's something different about speaking to someone who has had the surgery done literally minutes before, compared with years or even months before. The fact AccuVision didn't try to hide post-surgery patients away felt particularly transparent and calmed my nerves considerably.
The surgery itself was completely fine. Out of 10, it was a 2! Mild discomfort at the most, and it was over so fast that my brain didn't have a chance to figure out what was going on before I was being walked back into the waiting room. The team doing my surgery was so calming and encouraging. They talked me through the entire procedure so I never once felt panicked or alone.

Post-surgery was also fine! My eyes were mildly light sensitive but I went to sleep once home and when I woke my vision was sharp and clear. At my 24hr appointment, I was told that I had 20:20 vision.

I suffered a little with dryness of my eyes as they healed. This was manageable and did not disrupt my daily activities - I was just prescribed drops to help manage this. The dryness caused a minor blurring in vision for approximately a month, but this was also manageable. It was all part of the healing process. At one point I felt mildly concerned about this so I called the helpline at AccuVision and was instantly put at ease. I was offered the opportunity to come into clinic to see Vik and the team if I wanted to, but I felt calmed at being told over the phone that it was normal.

I have just had my 6 week checkup and have been told that my vision is stable and better than 20:20! I cannot sing AccuVision's praises high enough, and really DO recommend having your surgery done here. You won't regret it, and you'll be in the safest hands.

Get a free consultation and you will understand everything I've just said. It has honestly changed my life, so thank you everyone at AccuVision!
Review by Mr Richard Procter
Posted on 20/01/2020
I'm very pleased with accuvision. Brilliant service and friendly staff. Very helpful before the surgery and the after care is outstanding.
Review by TD
Posted on 14/12/2019
8 years on and I'm still very happy

I had my eyes lasered in 2011 at the Fulham clinic and that was one of the best decision I have ever made. From the consultation, to the procedure and the aftercare, everything went smoothly. The Team made me feel well informed and at ease. I was most surprised how quick the actual procedure was and I would always chose having my eyes lasered over having to go to the dentist :) That was eight years ago, and my vision is still perfect and I never had any problems.

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