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Why AccuVision?

A Patient's Viewpoint

A Patient's Viewpoint
We are very proud of our laser eye surgery results and our patients are delighted too, many of whom had chosen the specialist treatment plans available at AccuVision over the commercial high street clinics.
"I finally had it done last week and I really cannot speak highly enough of everyone at Accuvision"

I have worn contact lenses and glasses for 20 years and had been considering getting laser eye surgery for about the past 5 - I finally had it done last week and I really cannot speak highly enough of everyone at Accuvision & I wish I had done it sooner! 

The customer care is amazing right from the very first initial appointment, to the surgery itself (painless and not uncomfortable at all - honestly!), and aftercare, and I would recommend Accuvision to all my friends and family!
"Having laser eye surgery has been the best experience and I wish I'd done it years ago"

 Having laser eye surgery has been the best experience and I wish I'd done it years ago. The procedure, clinic and staff at Accuvision have been brilliant and made the whole experience relaxing and not stressful at all.

I would 100% recommend the treatment and this clinic, it's been amazing!
"I had longsightedness (+5.0) and very strong astigmatism and was turned down by other laser treatment providers"

I had longsightedness (+5.00 and) very strong Astigmatism (around -4.50) and I was turned down by other laser eye treatment providers. A colleague recommended Accuvision and I booked a consultation straight away. I was told I was able to have the surgery and the level of improvement would be 80% better - 100% would be a little optimistic given my high astigmatism - but for me that was all I wanted, I would be able to drive and do my various sports without glasses/ contact lenses which was very important. The team were all very friendly, very professional and there is a really nice laid back atmosphere, which helped pre-surgery as I was very nervous. The only thing I would say is that I had a bit of waiting around before my consultation and surgery (about an hour), although that would be my only slight niggle, it's well worth the wait! I was explained everything very well and they made sure I new exactly what to expect in terms of the results. It has now been almost exactly a month since my surgery and it's absolutely amazing!! The first few weeks my eyes where quite dry and I had to be very careful to not rub them - I was reasonably good at this. I experienced the full effects after about 3 weeks, in terms of my eyes feeling like normal again - well, normal AND being able to see! Turned out my vision had improved by more-or-less 100% to nearly 20/20 which is way beyond what I was expecting. Well worth every penny. I still reach for my glasses when I wake up in the morning, and its great when I remember I don't need them! Despite still only being 23 but wish I had had it done years ago!
"I had a high prescription (-10) and never believed I would get rid of visual aids BUT the surgery at Accuvision was highly successful"

I had taken a long time to come to a decision to undergo Laser Surgery. I had a very high prescription (-10) and never believed I could get rid of the visual aids. But the surgery at ACCUVISION was highly successful and now I have close to 20/20 vision. Cannot thank Dr Manu Matthew, Vikash and the entire team at Accuvision enough. The surgery was almost painless and was over in about 10 mins.I have dry eyes, halo effect and believe my near vision is not that clear but I have been told that this will settle down in the next few months. Overall I am very happy that I under went this procedure and will definitely recommend it to everyone with a high prescription as it can be totally life changing.
"I had been to other consultations with other companies and I felt I had met more salesmen than I had actual professionals on the day"
 At first I was thinking of going with Accuvision for my surgery purely on the competitive price they had. It was only when I went for my consultation when I realised they were the most reliable and professional laser eye surgery clinic on offer. I had been to consultations with other companies and I felt that I had met more salesmen than I had actual professionals on the day. One company even tried to tempt me to book it ASAP so I could save a further 10% on top of my NHS discount, which is absolute nonsense when it is life altering and irreversible surgery that you are considering.
With Accuvision this was not the case at all. The Optometrist fully explained the procedure required for my prescription and answered all the questions that I had. There was an incident where one laser eye surgery company said I was not suitable for LASIK treatment whereas Accuvision said I was. This other company stated that if something was to go wrong then I couldn't get any re-treatment. I voiced my concern to Accuvision and the Optometrist explained that the only reason for this is the difference in technology each company uses, as they have to work within safety guidelines regarding your eyes corneal thickness. But Accuvison were also very concerned how the other company told me what would happen "if it was to go wrong", which is an excellent point.
The surgery was quick and almost completely painless, a moment of discomfort in each eye and then it was done. My eyes have healed perfectly and I have had no problems at all. I would highly recommend Accuvision for their highly professional and affordable service.
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The AccuVision testimonials that are posted on this website and other independent websites enable you to contact our patients directly. We have nothing to hide about our services as we are confident it is the very best you will find.
We would be very happy to talk to you about your condition and the treatments we are able to offer. Call our helpline on 0330 123 2020 or complete the contact form.