Laser Eye Surgery Patient reaches new high

Allan Williams breaks the British pole vault record!

Laser eye surgery patient, Allan Williams has broken the British record in the pole vault, reaching 3.82m on 16th May following his Laser Eye Surgery operation at leading eye care clinic Accuvision.

Allan, a sporting icon among Masters Athletics in the UK was determined to improve upon the men’s 55 to 60 years British pole vault record this season after a mediocre season in 2008.

“Training has been going really well over the winter and I knew that my strength and technique was in good shape as we entered the outdoor season for track and field. It was just a case of putting it all together on the day.

Allan, like most 56 year olds had acquired age related long sight (presbyopia) and for someone who had enjoyed good sight all his life, it became a frustration and annoyance to have to wear glasses.

“I coach a great group of pole vaulters during the week in addition to my own training. I was forever putting on glasses to check the camera or writing notes and then having to take them off to watch the squad vault. I knew I couldn’t carry on like this as the glasses were getting in the way of the thing I was passionate about – pole vaulting.”

Allan visited the Accuvision Laser Eye Surgery clinic in Fulham, London. He was told that a treatment called Monovision would correct one eye for short-sight, leaving the other longsighted. The Monovision procedure reduced the need to wear glasses for close up work like writing, reading or operating the camera during a coaching session.

“The consultation was really thorough but also relaxed at the same time. The whole team were really friendly and it was me that was pushing in the end to have the treatment. At no time was I pressured or persuaded in any way to undergo any treatment and I found this refreshing and very
professional. In athletics you come across confident people in their event and you know that confidence is borne out of their exceptional ability. Likewise with Accuvision, they did not need to sell, they know they deliver exceptional results in Laser Eye Surgery and do not need to prove it to anyone.”“Surgery day was also as relaxing as it could be. Again I met the same team members from Accuvision and they checked and double checked everything. I had trans-epithelial lasik on one eye. This procedure smoothes the surface of the cornea before treating the prescription itself and results in ‘no flap’ on the cornea. I was recommended this treatment because of the impact of landing in the pole vault.”

“The first two days of recovery were uncomfortable but this soon diminished and I have not worn glasses at anytime since!”

“The training has continued to improve and I am looking forward to pushing the British pole vault record for 55’s even higher during the season.”

Allan is hoping his freedom from glasses will help him push the British record for 55 year olds up to around 4.00m by the end of the season.

Good Luck Allan!

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