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Why AccuVision?
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Why AccuVision?

A Patient's Viewpoint

A Patient's Viewpoint
We are very proud of our laser eye surgery results and our patients are delighted too, many of whom had chosen the specialist treatment plans available at AccuVision over the commercial high street clinics.
"After-care service is second to none"

Treatment at Accuvision, Parsons Green.

Excellent service, having had vision correction done before at Optimax, the service that I got from Accuvision far exceeds that elsewhere.

Accuvision were able to correct my vision to almost perfection which Optimax was unable to do. After-care service is second to none. Vikash Patel, my optometrist made the whole experience absolutely hassle-free and easy. Definitely recommend to others thinking about vision correction. Well done!

"I went to Optical Express, but what a disaster! ..from the advertised £395 per eye, the final quote ended up on astonishing £4000!!"

If you are considering laser eye surgery, in my view, you don't have to search anywhere else - as you have probably just found your clinic!!!

I had Wavefront Optimized LASIK exactly one year ago and it was the best decision I could possibly make about my eyes. Dear Accuvision team - thank you so much again for the freedom I enjoy!!

I used to be short sighted and my prescription was -4.50 and -2.50 with slight astigmatism. I'm 30 years old, wearing glasses since my early teens. Before I called Accuvision I went to Optical Express, but what a disaster!! I was just a number. Also from the advertised £395 per eye, the final quote ended up on astonishing £4000!! And the really 'best thing': at Optical Express was that they used such strong drops for dilating pupils. I couldn't see a thing. Of course it was well after my vision was completely blurred and I could not read a thing that they wanted me to immediately sign some papers and also immediately book for the surgery. Appalling experience! By the way the drops they used made my vision completely unclear for straight 8 hours.
They almost put me off getting my eyes lasered completely!

The Accuvision approach was completely different. No rushing, very friendly atmosphere, everything explained to the very detail, affordable price - my quote was £1300 in total for both eyes including wavefront treatment, which unlike many other clinics is a standard at Accuvision! No offers of talking up the price for 'better' treatments after baiting people with significantly lower advertised prices. I think the moment when receptionist talked to me after my consultation and even advised me to have another consultation elsewhere if I feel like it, gave me the confidence to go ahead. Also taking into consideration that the technology at Accuvision seems so much more advanced than at other clinics - I booked myself in.

Please don't be scared of the surgery - you are truly in experienced hands and it is seriously painless. I can't even say the surgery was unpleasant because it happened so quickly - you don't have a time to think about it. I spent approx. 20 minutes in the treatment room. The actual time of using laser was about few seconds on each eye. Protective lenses were inserted and off I went. On my way home from the clinic while waiting with my friend for a train - I could already read the train times on the board and my friend couldn't - unbelievable!!! I mean - my vision was a bit hazy and it was like looking through dirty window, but I could see things clearly enough. Next day there was still a bit of haziness but definitely there was remarkable improvement and I watched a bit a TV with sun glasses. 24 hours after my surgery, protective contact lenses were removed and at this stage I was slightly disappointed as I thought right after that I would be able to see without the haziness. This happened in the late afternoon so I went to bed early. What a surprise in the morning!!!! That was it - everything was crispy clear!!! I went flat hunting with my friends and in the evening I even attended a house party. Since then my vision is better than 20/20 and I can't even imagine anymore what it was like wearing glasses!!

So again, if you can't decide maybe because you don't like the feeling of anyone touching your eye, please let it happen, you won't regret it at all - it's a very small price to pay for being able to see clearly!!

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The AccuVision testimonials that are posted on this website and other independent websites enable you to contact our patients directly. We have nothing to hide about our services as we are confident it is the very best you will find.
We would be very happy to talk to you about your condition and the treatments we are able to offer. Call our helpline on 0330 123 2020 or complete the contact form.