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Laser Eye Surgery Treatment

Why we use the Microkeratome and not a laser for flap creation

Our highly experienced surgeons ensure that LASIK procedures performed at AccuVision incorporate sub 100 micron thin flap technology. This is achieved using a highly sophisticated, precision engineered, fully automated device for creating predictable sub 100 micron flaps. This specialised instrument is called a microkeratome.

We believe our AccuWave™ laser eye surgery results are superior to those achieved using laser created flaps.

We also believe that there are many other good reasons for continuing to choose the microkeratome blade for flap creation as it continues to offer the very best outcome for our patients.

  • Flap creation with a precision microkeratome in experienced hands is quicker and less stressful on the eye than other methods.
  • Flap tolerances with modern mechanical microkeratomes are equal if not better than laser created flaps under the guidance of highly skilled and experienced surgeons that you will meet at AccuVision.
  • The flap can be separated very easily with the microkeratome, prior to the laser procedure because it is not left 'sticky' from any lasering process and therefore less prone to becoming damaged or torn.
  • The healing times for microkeratome flaps are the same as laser created flaps (even though this is sometimes put forward as a benefit of laser created flaps).
  • The refractive outcome of a microkeratome flap is just the same as a laser created flap. Under or over correction is still possible using a laser.
  • The chances of post-op infection are the same for microkeratome created flaps as they are for laser created flaps.
  • There are less reports of transient light sensitivity with microkeratome created flaps.
  • We do not charge a separate additional cost for the creation of a microkeratome flap that gives the same, if not better outcome for your vision than a laser created flap which can cost an additional £250 - £350 per eye.

Please have a look at our latest audited results based on 1,935 eyes treated consecutively.

You will find thousands more reasons here why we are happy to use tried and tested technology and where indicated, Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment.