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Long Sight
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Laser Eye Surgery for Long Sightedness

  • You are long-sighted if nearby objects appear out of focus and distant objects appear clearer.
  • Long-sightedness or Hyperopia causes people to squint in order to see clearly.
  • Close work, especially for long concentrated periods will make the eyes feel tired (such as reading, computer work or writing).
  • Children with mild hyperopia (as the eyes are still developing) usually have the flexibility to focus on close objects.

Causes of long-sightedness or Hyperopia

Hyperopia occurs when light entering the eye from close objects is focused behind the retina. The lens inside the eye is unable to 'accommodate' the refractive error sufficiently by becoming 'fatter' to establish clear vision.
Long-sightedness can have a number of causes:

  • The eyeball being too short.
  • The cornea is too flat ( not enough curvature to refract the light onto the retina.
  • The lens inside the eye not becoming 'round enough' to accommodate.
  • Inheritance of long-sightedness from parents is possible.
  • Diabetes.

Long-sight, clinically referred to as Hyperopia, occurs when objects close up appear blurred or when 'close work' is possible but becomes uncomfortable due to eyestrain and fatigue after a period of time.

From time to time headaches may also occur. However, distant objects such as road signs are perfectly clear. Often, people can overcome this blurred effect when looking at near objects by over exerting the muscles within the eye to achieve a clearer focus. Of course with time, this tires the visual system and the eyestrain and headaches will arise.

Hyperopic Eye Diagram

Hyperopia is caused by a variation in the shape of the eyes - namely the eye being too short from front to back, or the power of either the cornea or lens being slightly weak. The result is a mismatch between the length of the eye and its focusing power. Therefore the light rays do not meet at the retina and images are not seen clearly.

The cornea, the clear window at the front of the eye, accounts for up to 80% of the focusing power of the eye. It is this part of the eye that can be altered through laser eye surgery to alter its refractive properties and thereby reduce the hyperopia in the eyes.

We at AccuVision are leaders in the treatment of all degrees of hyperopia. The combination of advanced technology and highly experienced surgeons at AccuVision means that we are able to correct up to +8.00 dioptres of long sight with treatment profiles tailored specifically to individual patients.

You can read through laser eye surgery reviews submitted by happy AccuVision patients in the 'Reviews and Testimonials' section. Also, to understand if laser eye surgery is suitable for your problem and whether you are eligible for laser eye treatment, please feel free to browse through our website.



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