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Wavefront LASIK
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Wavefront LASIK

Light travels in a flat uniform beam when nothing disturbs it (such as light going through space). This pattern of a straight beam of light is called a wavefront. When light enters the eye, the light rays (wavefronts) become distorted because of the many components of the eyes optical system and most of this distortion occurs through the cornea. Wavefront Lasik uses the information about these distortions, gathered from your eyes to achieve a customised laser eye surgery treatment.

AccuVision have the ability to identify and measure the distortions or aberrations in a wavefront having passed through your eyes cornea, lens and the fluids in your eye. It is this wavefront technology that helps AccuVision to deliver the next generation of laser vision correction.

During your consultation the optometrist will use a device called a Wavefront Analyzer. The Wavefront Analyzer will measure the aberrations of the wavefront as it passes through the eye to touch the retina.

The differences between the wavefront entering the eye and the wavefront touching the retina are recorded and result in a wavefront map. This wavefront map is used to calculate the specific aberrations throughout each section of the cornea to provide the most accurate information about how your own eyes see.

The recorded wavefront information is then transferred to the laser before surgery takes place. The laser then performs a customised wavefront treatment. No two wavefront maps are identical, therefore a customised treatment is specific to each patient, enhancing the opportunity for superior quality of vision, reduced or eliminated night vision and improved uncorrected visual acuity.

Unlike some other clinics, AccuVision offer wavefront customised treatments as standard because we would never offer a treatment plan that could give less than the very best outcome possible for your vision.

Please remember that our detailed visual consultation will incur no charge to you and absolutely no obligation to proceed any further with treatment. We truly believe that it is up to the patient to decide when is the right time to make a life changing decision like laser vision correction.

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