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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
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Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia or ‘lazy eye’ can present in many forms and no two cases are ever identical. Based on our years of treating patients with amblyopia there are various tailored treatment plans that may be right for you.

Due to a misalignment of the eye muscles or a higher than average prescription, the brain sometimes chooses one eye over the other. The brain favours the vision through the chosen eye whilst the eye that is not preferred becomes amblyopic or ‘lazy’.

Our approach for amblyopia treatment in adults is often to first correct the underlying visual defect - while glasses and contact lenses correct the vision the best they can when on, tolerance for full prescriptions and the "on - off" intermittent nature of visual aids often limits the ability of the brain to respond to neural conditioning. The limitations of many high street clinic technologies mean that most of the high and complex prescriptions that present with amblyopia are not treatable. AccuVision have for many years been helping such patients owing to the specialist environment we have focussed on clinical experience and technology.

The second step if indicated is to implement a NeurovisionTM Training programme which we can help set up and get you started with but would need to see you routinely for validation and monitoring.

If you would like to speak with one of our Clinical Team to find out what may be possible for your vision please contact us here.

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What is NeurovisionTM for Amblyopia treatment?

NeurovisionTM is an innovative vision enhancement technology that uses a series of computer based interactive programmes to train the brain to see sharper.

It is the only clinically proven, non invasive, vision improvement technology.

I hoped for a treatment that would allow me to use my lazy eye. My ophthalmologist told me about NeurovisionTM, a new treatment for lazy eye. Now I can see well with both eyes. I am really enjoying the results and am very happy! – Irena Z, 25 years old.

How does NeurovisionTM for Amblyopia treatment work?

As your eyes capture images from the environment around you, the visual information is sent to the part of the brain responsible for vision (visual cortex). NeurovisionTM treatment trains your visual cortex to perceive sharper images.

Is NeurovisionTM for Amblyopia treatment right for me?

The NeurovisionTM treatment is suitable for a wide range of people. Its right for you if you:

  • Are aged between 18 and 55 years old
  • Have a low degree of short sight
  • Have early Presbyopia (old-age eye related reading difficulties) or
  • Have Amblyopia (lazy eye)

How effective is the Amblyopia treatment?

Although there is no guarantee, the average improvement is more than 2 lines on the eye chart.

After undergoing NeurovisionTM treatment, miraculously, I am able to go about without glasses at home or outside. – N.Tan, 37 years old.

Are there any risks involved in Lazy Eye treatment?
No, there are no known risks, side effects or complications resulting from NeurovisionTM for Amblyopia as it doesn't involve surgery or medication.

How long does the programme take?
The Amblyopia (lazy eye) treatment is 30 minutes a session, administered 3 times a week. There are a total of 30-50 sessions. It will take approximately 3 months to finish the NeurovisionTM treatment.

What does NeurovisionTM training involve?
You will be seated in front of a computer, 1.5m away from the screen, in a dark room. The screen displays a series of images. Based on your response, the system adjusts the tasks level of difficulty to match your visual abilities.

How quickly will I notice that my vision is improving?
You may start to notice a visual improvement in as little as 2 weeks.

Where can I do the NeurovisionTM training?
You can do NeurovisionTM for Amblyopia training at the AccuVision clinic or at home.

What equipment and settings do I need to have for this training at home?
  • A desktop computer with internet connection.
  • A darkened room
  • A sitting distance of 1.5m measured from your eyes to the computer screen
Just contact us for more information during office hours on 0330 123 2020 or complete our consultation request form.

For more information on whether these treatments are suitable for you and fees please contact the clinical team on 0330 123 2020.

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