Prior’s Eagle-Eyed Duel With World’s Best Bowler Almost Pays Off!

According to England’s wicket-keeper/batsman, Matt Prior who received an eye laser treatment call ‘Trans-epithelial LASIK‘ at the AccuVision clinic, ‘The procedure with AccuVision was simple and painless.’ It helped him to better vision than ever.Only weeks after successful laser-eye surgery at the Accuvision Laser Eye Surgery clinic in Fulham, England’s wicket- keeper/batsman MATT PRIOR played the best knock of his England career to hold the SriLankan bowling genius Muttiah Muralitharan at bay for well over two hours.

To successfully combat spinner Murali, who has a world record 700 plus wickets under his belt a batsman needs to spot the rotation of the stitching on the ball as it leaves the bowler’s hand more than 20 yards away. And, though the double-jointed genius got him in the end that is just what Matt did!

“We practised hard to find a way of surviving on a surface where the ball goes into you, away from you, over your head, under your feet, whatever,” stated Matt. “Everyone has their technique to pick [Muttiah Muralitharan] whether it’s the wrist ball or the ball in the air. But he has such a quick wrist it is quite difficult to see any variance.

“Then you look for the flight of the ball in the air, whether it’s slower or quicker, and sometimes you can see the seam coming down. The last resort it watching it dance off the pitch but it can be a bit late by then. To get so close …”

Matt received an eye laser treatment called ‘Trans-epithelial LASIK at the Accuvision clinic. This ‘all laser’ procedure uses the laser to remove the surface layer of the eye (epithelium) leaving a smooth surface on which to apply the actual corrective laser treatment.

Matt said of his Laser Eye Surgery treatment, “I wanted a solution that would give me the best possible vision for my game and make frequent travelling and day to day life a lot easier. The procedure with Accuvision was simple and painless. Now I have better vision than I ever did with my contact lenses and no longer have to worry about misplaced glasses – it’s changed my life.”

As far as Matt Prior is concerned, judging by his performance in Kandy and how he almost saw his way to saving the match for England……..The’eyes’ have it!!!

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