Laser Eye Surgery offers patients the opportunity for freedom from glasses and contact lenses. This includes treatment of nearsightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and age-related far sightedness (presbyopia).

Two popular procedures in this realm are LASEK and LASIK. While both aim to correct refractive errors, this page will explain the difference between LASIK and LASEK.


    1. What is LASEK eye surgery?
    2. What is LASIK eye surgery?
    3. Difference between LASEK and LASIK
    4. How to Choose Between LASIK and LASEK
    5. How much does LASEK and LASIK eye surgery cost?
    6. Why Choose AccuVision for Laser Eye Surgery?
    7. Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASEK Eye Surgery?

LASEK, or Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis, differs from LASIK by not creating a corneal flap. In LASEK, a special alcohol solution is used to loosen a thin layer of cells on the cornea’s surface. After moving these cells aside, the laser corrects the refractive error by reshaping the cornea.

Why Trans-Epi over LASEK?

At AccuVision, we have advanced from traditional LASEK to Trans-Epi, a more refined surface treatment. Trans-Epi does not require the use of alcohol and therefore causes minimal trauma to the eye compared with LASEK. Trans-Epi is also performed fully by the excimer laser that is programmed to micron precision.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, is a more widely known procedure that involves creating a corneal flap. The surgeon lifts this flap to expose the underlying corneal tissue, and a laser precisely sculpts the cornea to correct the refractive error. The flap is then repositioned, acting as a natural bandage for the eye.

LASIK is renowned for its quick recovery time and minimal discomfort.

Difference Between LASIK and LASEK?

Corneal Flap No corneal flap; thin layer of cells loosened Corneal flap created and lifted for access to corneal stroma
Recovery Time Longer recovery; 2-7 days for initial improvement Faster recovery; most see rapid improvement within 24 hours
Suitability Suitable for thin corneas or higher risk of injury Suitable for most, but may not be ideal for certain conditions
Procedure Duration 5-10 minute procedure. 5-10 minute procedure.
Potential Discomfort Moderate (to severe) discomfort in the first 24-48 hours. Minimal discomfort and quick recovery
Vision Improvement Time Slower initial improvement. Immediate noticeable improvement, clear vision by next morning.

How to Choose Between LASIK and LASEK?

The choice between LASEK and LASIK depends on factors such as corneal thickness, lifestyle, and your individual needs. Consulting with a skilled Ophthalmologist is crucial for determining the most suitable option based on your unique circumstances.


How Much Does LASEK and LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

The cost of Laser Eye Surgery in the UK can vary depending on the following factors:

  1. Treatment Complexity:
    • Different prescriptions and corneal conditions require tailored approaches. For example, correcting a mild nearsightedness (-2 diopters) in a thick cornea is simpler than addressing a strong nearsightedness (-10 diopters) in a thin cornea.
    • The complexity of your individual case does influence the cost as more intricate treatment plans and technologies may be needed.
  2. Technology Used:
  3. Preoperative Evaluation:
    • Some clinics include preoperative evaluations and postoperative follow-up in the overall cost.
    • Thorough preoperative assessments contribute to a personalised treatment plan.
  4. Aftercare Services:
    • Inclusive aftercare services, such as follow-up appointments and any necessary enhancements, may be part of the overall cost.
    • Comprehensive aftercare contributes to the patient’s long-term success and satisfaction with the surgery.
  5. Surgical Team’s Expertise:
    • Longer established and more reputable clinics may charge higher fees.
    • The overall experience of the surgical team performing your procedure can impact its overall success and safety.

While cost can vary based on individual needs, remember that a higher price tag doesn’t always guarantee a better outcome.

Choose a clinic based on their track record, comprehensive treatment (including pre- and post-operative support), and commitment to personalised care. Experience, trust, and one-on-one care are priceless investments in your long-term vision health.

Why Choose AccuVision for Laser Eye Surgery?

Experience Laser Eye Surgery with confidence and clarity at AccuVision. Our commitment to transparent care starts with our all-inclusive service with clear, upfront pricing. We prioritise your individual needs to ensure a seamless and successful journey towards seeing life in focus.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Bespoke treatment plans: No two eyes are the same, and neither are our treatment plans. Our experienced team crafts a personalized approach based on your unique vision and goals, maximising your potential for the sharpest vision possible.
  • Unmatched expertise: With over 30 years of laser eye surgery under our belts, our clinical team brings extensive knowledge and skill to every procedure. You can trust us to guide you with confidence and care.
  • Advanced technology: We invest in the latest technology to ensure precision and optimal results. Our comprehensive diagnostic assessment, including in-house topography measurements, provides a detailed picture of your eyes, while the Alcon WaveLight series, the fastest excimer lasers in the world, delivers rapid, accurate treatment.
  • Complete peace of mind: Your journey doesn’t end with the surgery. We offer comprehensive aftercare, including 24/7 emergency access and any necessary adjustments or treatments, all included in your package.

To speak directly to our team for detailed information about LASIK or advanced surface laser treatments at AccuVision, please contact us at 0330 123 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

LASIK vs LASEK: Which One is Better?
The choice between LASIK and LASEK depends on various factors, including your eye health, prescription, and personal preferences. LASIK is suitable for many, offering quick recovery, while surface treatments such as LASEK may be better suited in specific cases. At AccuVision, we offer a more advanced surface treatment, Trans-Epi, for these patients.
Is LASIK or LASEK More Painful?
Pain experiences can vary among individuals. LASIK typically involves minimal discomfort during the procedure, and any postoperative discomfort is usually short-lived. LASEK tends to involve more discomfort, which is why at AccuVision, we’ve moved from LASEK to an advanced surface treatment, Trans-Epi.
Is LASIK Cheaper Than LASEK?
The cost of LASIK and LASEK can vary based on factors like technology used, surgeon expertise, and clinic location. Generally, LASIK is more commonly offered due to its smooth recovery and exceptional outcomes.
Is LASIK 100% Effective?
While LASIK is highly effective in improving vision for many individuals, no medical procedure can guarantee 100% success. Factors like individual healing responses and pre-existing conditions may influence outcomes.
What is the Safest Eye Surgery?
LASIK is considered safe for many individuals with low to moderate prescriptions. However, safety depends on individual factors, and alternative procedures like Trans-Epi may be recommended in specific cases. Consultation with an experienced eye surgeon is crucial to determine the safest option for your unique situation.
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