Our Patient Care Promise

Accuwave Eye Laser Treatment - Our Patient Care Promise

Our Patient Care Promise

The AccuVision team have been at the forefront of eye laser treatment for many years, defining the way this highly specialised treatment has progressed and offering best practice and bespoke treatment plans through Accuwave™.

Accuwave™ is your assurance of a bespoke level of service unique to AccuVision, starting the moment you first contact us.

We will be honest about potential outcomes for your vision and the aftercare that will be necessary to achieve it. We will use the latest Wavefront diagnostics and laser eye technology to correct your eyesight.

Our patient care continues through our unique Lifetime Care Commitment.

Lifetime Care Commitment

Our Patient Care Promise

Deciding upon laser eye surgery is a very important and personal decision. We understand that you will be looking for a clinic able to see beyond your prescription, and able to treat you as an individual.

We also understand that you ONLY want the best for your eyes without compromise. 

We understand that you are trusting us with your future vision before you decide upon laser eye surgery To that end our consultants will advise you of the visual outcome that can be achieved, based on our highly detailed and thorough pre-op assessment, before any laser eye treatment is considered.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the completion of your eye laser treatment and aftercare. We retain records of the very detailed information compiled during your consultation and surgery and will be happy to continue to advise and consult on your eyesight in future years.