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Laser Eye Correction
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Laser Eye Correction

Laser Eye Correction is a surgical procedure that uses a cool (non-thermal) beam of light to gently reshape the surface of the eye to improve vision. The laser removes microscopic bits of tissue from the cornea to flatten its shape for nearsightedness, steepen the cornea for farsightedness, and/or smooth out corneal irregularities for astigmatism.

The goal of laser vision correction is to change the shape the cornea so it does a better job of focusing images onto the retina, for sharper vision. LASIK and Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment are two types of laser eye correction.

Laser Eye Correction - Who is Eligible?

    You must have healthy eyes - no glaucoma, infection, cataracts, severe dry eye, or any other condition that would affect any postoperative healing after laser eye correction. You must be an adult: at least 18 for some laser eye correction procedures and at least 21 for others. Your vision must be stable for about a year before Laser Eye Correction surgery. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, hormonal levels can affect the shape of your eye. You'll therefore need to wait until your hormones are back to normal levels before you can consider laser vision correction. You cannot have a degenerative or autoimmune disease, since this would affect the healing process following laser eye correction.


    Please remember that our detailed visual consultation will incur no charge to you and absolutely no obligation to proceed any further with treatment. We truly believe that it is up to the patient to decide when is the right time to make a life changing decision like laser vision correction.

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