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Wavefront Diagnostics
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Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery Diagnostics

Wavefront diagnostics is an essential part of any laser eye surgery consultation today. It was introduced into the UK by AccuVision in 2001. Every AccuVision patient has been assessed using Wavefront diagnostics (where required) at no extra cost to the patient.

Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery diagnostics for laser eye surgery is the method by which the very detailed mapping of the eyes using highly advanced diagnostic equipment takes place.

Diagram Showing Wavefront Diagnostics for Laser Eye Surgery
Every patient's eye differs in many ways including: corneal shape, corneal thickness and pupil size. Wavefront Eye Surgery uses the technology to analyse the entire visual system from the corneal surface through the lens of the eye, all the way back to the retina.

Results from the Wavefront diagnostics form a critical part of every pre-op assessment at AccuVision and provides the detailed information necessary to perform Wavefront Laser Eye surgery.

The detailed Wavefront Eye Surgery examination you will receive during your consultation will involve the most advanced diagnostic equipment including:

The readings taken from these instruments provide the most detailed information about every aspect of your eyes so that the very best advice for wavefront laser eye surgery can be given.

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