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Corrective Laser Eye Surgery
  • Our eyes are just one half of our Human Visual System the other vitally important part is the brain.
  • The processes needed to perceive images account for about 40% of the body’s calorific consumption when it is just resting. So closing the eyes is a great way to rest.
  • A very large percentage of our brains capacity is used for recognising what is ahead.
  • Our eyes send signals to the brain, via the optic nerve. It is only when these signals have been processed by the brain that we are then able to ‘see’.
  • In bright light our eyes are able to process colours and fine details. In dim light, the eyes have to adapt using different receptors (rods) but the images are grey and sometimes fuzzy.
  • The clearer the signals from the eyes, the clearer the processed image from the brain.
  • Our eyes focus by squeezing or stretching the lens inside the eye, which changes its focal length to fit the fixed size of our eyeballs.
  • If the eyes and the brain are not working correctly vision is impaired and a visual correction may be required to assist in ‘seeing’.
Your eyes are little short of an optical miracle. But if your focus is imperfect (i.e. when the cornea, lens or eye is an irregular shape), light cannot focus accurately on the retina and the image you see is blurred.
Laser eye corrective surgery is ideally suited to the treatment of such conditions.
Your eyes work just like a camera. Light rays pass through the clear part at the front (the cornea) then through the lens, which focuses them onto the “screen” at the back of the eye (the retina). There, millions of photoreceptors (light-sensitive nerve cells) turn the image into electrical impulses that are transmitted to your brain through the optical nerve.
Corrective Laser Eye Surgery
‘Normal’ Vision
‘Normal’ Vision
When you look at something, light rays from the object pass into the eye through your cornea – the clear layer of tissue at the front of the eye – then through the lens towards the retina at the back of the eye. In a ‘normal’, healthy eye the lens and cornea focus these light rays on a small area of your retina so that you can see the object clearly.
Sometimes objects are not seen clearly which can be due to a variation in these ‘normal’ parameters.
These variations are split into two main categories: short and long-sightedness.
Short-sightedness (Myopia)
Short-sightedness (Myopia)
If distant objects are blurred, you may be short-sighted.
In this case your eye is too long, so that rays of light fall in front of the retina and not directly on it. A laser eye operation to correct short-sightedness is possible up to -14.00 at AccuVision.
Long-sightedness (Hyperopia)
Long-sightedness (Hyperopia)
If close objects are blurred, you may be long-sighted.
Your eye is too short, causing incoming light rays to fall behind your retina and not directly on it. A laser eye operation to correct long-sightedness is possible up to +8.00 at AccuVision.
Both short-sighted and long-sighted eyes can also have astigmatism.
The cornea is not perfectly round but shaped more like a rugby ball. Therefore, rays of light are bent in different directions and do not form a sharp focus point, resulting in blurred images.
Age Related Long-sightedness (Presbyopia)
Age Related Long-sightedness (Presbyopia)
This occurs in many people as they get older, traditionally requiring reading glasses or bifocal lenses to correct.
The lens in the eye gradually stiffens as it matures and thus loses its ability to accommodate light rays efficiently. Presbyopia Treatments are available that incorporate laser eye corrective surgery from AccuVision which can offer excellent results for people with this condition.
Is Laser Eye Corrective Surgery Right for You?
At AccuVision your safety and total satisfaction are paramount. Laser eye corrective surgery may not be suitable for everyone and a successful outcome is dependent on many factors which must be carefully considered.
Laser Eye Treatment and Eligibility
Whether or not laser treatment can be performed on your eyes depends on a number of factors that needs to be assessed by our eyecare specialists at your initial consultation.
Although the majority of people who come to us are eligible for treatment, due to the high prescription levels we are able to treat, we may decline to treat you if the outcome cannot be accurately predicted or if Laser Eye Surgery treatment is likely to cause complications to your sight. Your lifestyle and occupation may also be an important consideration.
In general, the suitability of our laser eye corrective surgery procedures for you depends on factors such as:
  • The degree of optical error
  • The thickness of your cornea
  • The existence of any eye disease
  • The size of your pupil
  • Corneal mapping data
  • Wavefront analysis results
You should ideally be able to answer YES to the following:
  • Do you suffer from short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism?
  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Is your prescription stable?
  • Are your eyes healthy and free from any eye disease?
  • Would you rather not wear glasses or contacts on a permanent basis?
Please note that this is only intended as a general guide and there are always exceptions. Detailed analysis of your eligibility for treatment using laser eye corrective surgery can only be achieved at your consultation, but please call us if you wish to discuss the current condition of your eyes and their suitability for treatment on 0330 123 2020.
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