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  • A first consultation for laser eye surgery at AccuVision is usually FREE*
  • Our laser eye surgery consultations are very thorough and detailed providing the information you need to make a considered judgement about your future vision
  • There is NO PRESSURE to sign up straight away
  • There is no UPSELL of treatments. We have the widest range of treatment plans and will recommend the right one for your eyes
  • We DO NOT hassle you for days and weeks after your appointment.
  • We trust that you will make the right decision for yourself WITHOUT undue pressure
Your Consultation

Enhanced procedures in laser eye treatment now allow the benefits of corrective eye surgery to be enjoyed by patients previously considered untreatable. Due to our dedication to the latest technology and techniques, the accomplished AccuVision team can treat a wider range of patients and prescriptions than any other UK clinic.

The basis for successful laser eye treatment of visual disorders is an accurate diagnosis. At your consultation, a fully qualified AccuVision optometrist will perform a series of exacting diagnostic tests and scans to accurately assess the condition of your eyes and their suitability for corrective eye surgery.

Next, using our highly sophisticated Wavefront Analyzer a precise three dimensional mapping of any visual imperfections of your eyes is generated. This equipment allows for an unprecedented level of accuracy and the data collected is used by the surgeon to create a personalised laser correction treatment ideally matched to your eyes. At AccuVision , Wavefront analysis is a routine part of the assessment procedure and incurs no additional cost.

laser eye surgery consultation
laser eye treatment consultation
laser eye surgery consultation
Until recently, diagnosis and laser eye treatment of higher order corneal irregularities was not always possible and outcomes could not be accurately predicted. This resulted in fewer patients being accepted for corrective eye surgery.

In such cases AccuVision now employs the Wavefront Topolyzer which has been specifically designed to measure and generate high resolution data for eyes with severe irregularities. It was developed for the most difficult cases, in which standard Wavefront measurement on its own would prove clinically ineffective. Thanks to this remarkable technology, AccuVision is able to diagnose and treat more complex conditions than most other providers in the UK.

Our AccuVision consultants need to be able to examine your eyes in their natural state so that the exacting measurements attained by the superior technology we use are accurate. We would kindly ask that you do not wear soft contact lenses for up to a week, (specific details will be given at time of booking) and rigid contact lenses for two weeks, prior to your consultation. Lenses can distort the surface of the cornea and might influence the outcome of the laser eye treatment.

If you have any old prescriptions for lenses or glasses (or details of any eye treatment you have had in the past), please bring them along: if we can see how your eyes have altered over time, we can best determine how to treat them. Dilation of the pupils may temporarily blur the vision of some people for a few hours. Therefore, post-consultation, if you are driving, we would advise that someone else drives you home.

On completion of our comprehensive testing procedure you will be advised of your suitability for laser corrective surgery and the results which can be achieved in your particular case. Throughout your consultation our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to understand all aspects of our procedures.

Please remember that our detailed visual consultation will incur no charge to you and absolutely no obligation to proceed any further with treatment. We truly believe that it is up to the patient to decide when is the right time to make a life changing decision like laser vision correction.

To book your consultation at AccuVision please call 0330 123 2020 or click here.

* AccuVision reserve the right to charge for second consultations, and to those patients who have already undergone laser eye surgery previously. We do charge for consultations for keratoconus and intra ocular lenses