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*Price for both eyes (Cost may vary for complex cases / high corrections).

Have you begun to feel limited by glasses and contacts?

They’re lifesavers, but…

Swimming, sports, even showering — everyday things get annoying  with blurry vision.

The list could go on.

What’s worse, life behind lenses can mar your experience of the world — like watching your life pass by through TV static.

But what if you could wake up one day and feel like this:

"I can see. I can SEE!"

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"Most incredible experience of my life."

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"Changed my life."

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 Custom AccuLASIK

Is our innovation that provides exceptional vision with precision and safety.

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Custom AccuLASIK goes beyond standard LASIK — for the highest level of clarity and sharpness — often better than 20/20.

We have over 30 years of expertise using advanced technology to customise the best treatment for each patient.

A vision solution available for everyone

As the first UK clinic to introduce technologies like Trans-Epi &  — we provide proven clarity, even for complex vision needs previously considered untreatable.


The best solution matched to YOU


Safe and proven treatment


1-year peace-of-mind aftercare

The AccuVision Difference

We specialise in customised Laser Eye Surgery

Traditional LASIK uses a one-size-fits-all approach — the last thing you’d want for your eyes. Possible issues include:

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See sharper with custom LASIK


Your eyes are as unique as each fingerprint.

That’s why a personalised care pathway is crucial:

Our expert consultants customise your treatment plan using over 30 years of experience with UK-leading vision technologies. 

The result?

The best quality of vision — whether you’re driving, reading, or even swimming underwater!

What happens after you book?

Free Phone/Video Call

Your chance to get personalised advice from an AccuVision clinician (get your questions ready).

Vision Consultation

Get detailed diagnostic exams and expert, transparent advice, with ZERO pressure to book.

Laser Eye Surgery

Your custom-fit Laser treatment, done in 5-10 minutes in one of our consultant-led clinics.

Waiting Room

Recover in our waiting room, and watch the world come into focus mere seconds after your surgery (really!).

Morning After

Wake up to crystal-clear vision the very next morning after surgery.

Months Later

See your vision deepen in your aftercare eye exams, getting crisper & clearer than ever before.

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Get the exceptional vision your eyes deserve — with custom Laser Eye Surgery

Enough waiting for the “right time” to invest in your vision. Start your new life now.

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    Invest in your visual future
    Wavefront LASIK Vision Correction
    Summer Offer!
    JUST£1200*per eye
    *Usual price £1800 per eye | *T’s & C’s apply
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    *See T’s & C’s below.

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      The information you have provided may be held on our database. It will not be sold to any third party. Our privacy policy which we are obliged to give you under the GDPR is available here.

      Terms & Conditions
      Offer price of £1200 per eye is valid for:
      • WaveFront Optimised Surgery for both eyes. Offer does not apply to a single eye treatment.
      • Myopic prescriptions under -3.50 dioptres only. Prescriptions with other additional conditions/variations may not be eligible and are subject to a detailed evaluation.
      • Prescriptions outside the eligible range are always competitively priced.
      • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
      • There are no cash alternatives to this offer.
      • All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcomes through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits including ones specific to your circumstances at the time of your preoperative consultation.
      • AccuVision reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer.