Treating High Myopia with AccuVision

Mohammed is 28. Since the age of 4 he has suffered high myopia with a -7.00 and -8.00 prescription. After visiting 4 other clinics, 2 of which said they could not treat him, he came by recommendation to AccuVision. We caught up with him two weeks after his specialist Trans Epi laser eye surgery:

‘I have worn glasses since the age of 4; 24 years now. I had a -7 and -8 prescription and I wanted to get rid of my glasses to get on with my life.

I went to four clinics before AccuVision and two of them told me that they couldn’t help. I was referred to AccuVision, and you were my last chance. What you offered was really, really good.

The other thing to consider was that I had a really thin cornea. This made it impossible for the other clinics to help.

What I can see now after just two weeks is incredible. I have reached -0.25. It’s just life in HD. I wish I had done it years ago. What I loved about AccuVision is that the technology you use is so much more advanced than the other clinics. I am really pleased with my results.

What are you looking forward to most, now that your vision has been corrected?

‘I can do everything! Go camping, go swimming, I don’t have to take my glasses or contact lenses when I go out. It’s like I have a new life. I would definitely recommend AccuVision’.

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