Top Chef Cyrus Todiwala Talks About his Laser Eye Surgery

Cyrus Todiwala OBE owns Café Spice Namaste, an award winning Indian restaurant in London now in its 22nd year. Here Cyrus talks to us about his life-changing Laser Eye Surgery with Accuvision, and the impact it has had on his life and work.

How important is your vision in your work environment?

‘Critically important. I believe that good vision is an essential ingredient for any restauranteur or chef.

If you have poor vision and you are working in an environment, that is quite dangerous. I not only work in the kitchen, but I also run a business. Running a business means I need to read and work all the time’.

Since your Laser Eye Surgery at Accuvision, what has your life been like at work?

‘Easy! Much easier. I can read size 8 font now which is great, my night vision has got better. I am more alert and can do things without feeling the pressure of having to pull out my glasses, or my hands being busy with something else. Now somebody can hold up a piece of paper and I can read it while I’m working.

‘The biggest impression is has made on me is that you don’t realise how good something is until you have experienced it. I would definitely recommend Laser Eye Surgery to others, especially in our business. When a chef, or manager, comes to work, he or she doesn’t just have to be out on the floor in the restaurant. The hospitality business is very complicated and there are loads of other things to be done; filling in forms, your day to day work, accountancy, reading the orders…everything comes printed and for everything you need a good pair of eyes’.


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