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March 8th to 14th is World Glaucoma Week. But what is Glaucoma?

We asked leading Consultant Ophthalmologist Professor William Ayliffe for some information on this common eye problem. What is Glaucoma? It’s a major global health condition and takes a large proportion of the patient referrals that we get to eye clinics. Glaucoma is a disease where the delicate nerve layer at the back of the eye […]

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Treating High Myopia with AccuVision

Mohammed is 28. Since the age of 4 he has suffered high myopia with a -7.00 and -8.00 prescription. After visiting 4 other clinics, 2 of which said they could not treat him, he came by recommendation to AccuVision. We caught up with him two weeks after his specialist Trans Epi laser eye surgery: ‘I […]

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Top Chef Cyrus Todiwala Talks About his Laser Eye Surgery

Cyrus Todiwala OBE owns Café Spice Namaste, an award winning Indian restaurant in London now in its 22nd year. Here Cyrus talks to us about his life-changing Laser Eye Surgery with Accuvision, and the impact it has had on his life and work. How important is your vision in your work environment? ‘Critically important. I […]

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Trans Epi Laser Eye Surgery with AccuVision

AccuVision have advanced procedures called Trans-Epi or Trans-Epithelial Laser Eye Correction that are better able to meet the needs of patients than the traditional LASEK procedure. It’s ideal for patients who have thin or irregular corneas, or those who play contact sports. After a lifetime of using glasses and contact lenses, Aderemi had Trans Epi Laser Eye […]

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jodie shann
Laser Eye Surgery for Sports people with AccuVision

Laser Eye Surgery for Sports people Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or keen amateur, you know how essential good vision is to success. It’s no surprise that increasing numbers of sports people are opting for Laser Eye Surgery to improve their performance and enjoyment of their sport. Hand-eye coordination and keen powers of observation are […]

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stuart bithell trapeze shot
AccuVision interview with Stuart Bithell, Olympic Sailing Champion

Stuart Bithell competed in the London Olympic Games and has been sailing professionally since he was 18. He has 10 years of elite sailing under his belt. Here he explains his motivation for Laser Eye Surgery and how it has changed his life, personally and professionally. ‘Some of the challenges we face in sailing? We […]

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