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Accuwave wavefront lasik eye treament
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Your laser eye surgery and eye care specialists

  • Accuvision has always invested in the latest and most effective laser eye surgery technology.
  • This policy has allowed Accuvision to offer safer and more appropriate laser eye surgery treatment plans.
  • Our clinical experience is second to none.
  • We are able to safely and effectively treat high and complex prescriptions using the latest Alcon WaveLight technologies.
  • Myopia can be treated in minutes, providing clear vision for your future.
  • Hyperopia up to +8.00 dioptres can also be treated with our advanced technologies.
  • Any accompanying astigmatism can be treated at the same time.
  • Presbyopia is also treatable at Accuvision. Near and distance vision is blended to recover your ability to read and enjoy life without depending on glasses.
  • Accuvision is also able offer patients who have amblyopia the chance to seek visual improvement.
  • Accuvision are leading specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of keratoconus. Since 2004 Accuvision has been able to offer effective treatment and visual rehabilitation for patients with keratoconus and provide them with ongoing management to maintain their optimal vision.
  • Cataract treatment is offered at Accuvision, where we are able to offer the full complement of intra ocular lens solutions for distance, near and multi-focal vision.
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Our patients have always been happy to share their experiences. So many have recommended friends and family too. There are now over 10 years of feedback and we are so proud of the consistently high levels of satisfaction with our service over these years. View all
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