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What  AccuVision  won't do
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What AccuVision won't do

We won't divert enquiries to a remote call centre.
Choose to speak to AccuVision about the treatment you are interested in and you will be put through to a member of our highly experienced clinical team. You will be able to get impartial answers to the questions you need to ask to help you.
We won't try to baffle you with science.
We will communicate with you on the phone, by email and in person at your consultation in a way that helps you to clearly understand about your vision and how it can be corrected.
We have in depth knowledge of the technical aspects of our treatment plans and the technology we use and will be pleased to share that with you too if you wish.
We won't make claims we can't substantiate.
When you research laser eye clinics you'll frequently come across apparently impressive statistics that claim success. Yet on closer examination those figures probably aren't all they claim to be. Be wary of anyone who says they can give successful outcomes 98, 99 or even 100% of the time before they even see you.

You may hear claims such as '20:20 or your money back' but what they don't tell you is you'll have to wait a year, accept a re-treat and attend all your post op appointments – There are lots of t's and c's.
We won't give you a specialist who isn't experienced enough.
Your first appointment will be with a highly experienced laser optometrist with 10 years experience or more. Whatever your prescription, they will give you impartial advice and base any recommendations on the specialist knowledge and expertise we retain within AccuVision.

Our clinical team have been in place since day one of AccuVision. They are present at EVERY surgery in EVERY clinic. Our patient outcomes have been consistently outstanding since the start of AccuVision. This is shown in the 10 years of testimonials that are available to view.
We won't quote a low price just to attract your attention.
AccuVision use their specialist skills and technology to treat both everyday and highly complex prescriptions.

There are no hidden extras, our 'all inclusive' laser eye surgery pricing currently has an average pricing of between £2,400 - £2,500 when both eyes are treated. Our prices, whilst very competitive reflect the complexity of the prescription we are being asked to treat. But remember, however attractive our competitors prices may seem, we offer better value than any high street clinic.

We can even provide 0% finance to help you spread the cost of your surgery.
We won't give you a recommendation from patients you cannot contact yourself.
You'll see plenty of recommendations from apparently overjoyed patients on other sites. But are these patients genuinely as content as they seem?

At AccuVision you'll know for certain because ours is the only site where you can ask patients about their treatment experience first-hand. You can ask them relevant questions about your case with their permission.

Have a consultation on a surgery day and our patients are usually only too willing to share their experience with you.