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Why AccuVision?
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Why AccuVision?

A Patient's Viewpoint

A Patient's Viewpoint
We are very proud of our laser eye surgery results and our patients are delighted too, many of whom had chosen the specialist treatment plans available at AccuVision over the commercial high street clinics.
"I went to the heavily advertised laser company for my first consultation and was scared off by the seemingly inept optomotrist..."

I had laser surgery at the Fulham branch of Accuvision just under 4 weeks ago. I had been saving up for ages and when the goal had been met, I still didn't believe that I might be able to be spec and contact lens free! I am now 20/20 and it has changed my life!

I am an actor and lenses were always popping out on stage under the lights, and I was always a bit lazy with them, opting for glasses but then being annoyed by them moving/smudging/steaming up all day.

I went to the heavily advertised laser company for my first consultation and was scared off by the seemingly inept optomotrist that conducted my consultation- my pupils were dilated and sensitive to the sun for at least 36 hours! This was just the consultation! There was definitely more talk of finance agreements than facts about the surgery and it was all rather impersonal and brash.

Then a friend of a friend recommended Accuvision, the consultation was a different ball game all together, so professional, reassuring, thorough and no hard-sell! I knew I was in safe- and gentle- hands.

I had to go to the operation alone, but I wasn't worried because I knew I would be so well looked after by the waiting room staff. I had watched at least 3 people come out of the operation alive, but when my time came I was still a bit nervous and accepted the nurse's offer to hold my hand! Everyone was utterly friendly and reassuring. The clamp IS odd, intense is the best word..but never painful. I found the flashing green light a great point of focus during the surgery and before I knew it, it was done. It's true the procedure on the 2nd eye feels longer, I guess because I was more conscious of what was happening and what was coming. Still, it was so quick.

I was taken home by a friend and lay in bed with my eyes closed (for quicker healing) listening to Radio 4 for the rest of the day! I had an audition less than 48 hours after surgery and managed to follow dance steps and read scripts without any problems.

I have had some dryness, which made one of my eyes a little blurry but I was given jelly type drops which helped, and the problem cleared in a few days. It is now 4 weeks later and I can see perfectly!

"I had a consultation at another clinic in Guildford, all I can say is that I felt a little bit on a conveyor belt..."

I have to say this site gave a massive amount of confidence and some expectations as to Accuvision. Thank you for everyone who posted. Let me say that they did not disappoint one bit.

From the initial consult with Vic, he made me relaxed, took his time, and answered any questions competently.

The actual procedure day itself was so professional, my mate who was in the waiting room said I was just 10 minutes and this included a chat with the surgeon, this is great for anyone who thinks you'll be 'under the knife' for a long time. This is not to say it was rushed, from the nurse who puts the first drops in the eye to the bandage contact lens going on, it was clock work, I am sure they know how nervous you are and want to do the procedure efficiently as possible. You can talk to them at any time.

The experience, was bizarre and intense, but breathe easily, relax, and you will be fine. No pain whatsoever.

Four days later my eyes are just like I have my contacts in and getting slightly clearer each day. There are some 'fogging' at night but nothing serious and I am told it will pass with time. I am going for my second check up next week and I reckon I'm easily 20/20 if not slightly better.

The after appointment would have been with Vic as well but he's away on holiday but Joan was equally friendly and confident.

I had a consultation at another clinic in Guildford, all I can say is that I felt a little bit on a conveyor belt and they upsold me to the hilt, walking away with a quote for £4200. My experience with Accuvision was very different.

My fee was £850 an eye, but a £10 charge for amex and £50 for admin charge of the 10 months 0% interest, hence I have put £1760. Still a very good price for Wavefront Lasik, with an excellent clinic.

I'm not on comission but I am definately recommending this to you and to all my friends with glasses or contacts!

"I tried to call another company who advertise on the television and found their customer relations appalling"

I was thinking of having laser eye surgery so I decided to book a couple of consultations with different companies. I booked with Accuvision in Solihull and found their relaxed friendly approach very welcoming. I tried to call another company who advertise on the television and found their customer relations appalling. I went for my consultation at Accuvision and was extremely impressed so decided to go for it. I had my surgery and again the staff were helpful, friendly and very supportive. I was amazed by how quick surgery was. I don’t know what I was expecting the surgery to be like but I was surprised at how painless it was. It was brilliant to go home within an hour and my eyesight had already improved. It is great to be free from glasses and I am so glad I had the surgery. The aftercare is brilliant and the whole experience Accuvision at Solihull gave me is second to none. If you are thinking of having eye surgery and are nervous just go for it, you would wish you had it done sooner!!!!!!

"the (Optimax) consultant immediately said that I would not be able to have laser surgery..."

I had laser surgery around 16 months ago at Accuvision, Solihull and I have had excellent results. I decided to go for laser surgery as I was starting to struggle with contact lenses as I was finding them uncomfortable and dry. Also glasses were giving me headaches and I just didn't like wearing them.

I first went for a consultation at Optimax as it's widely advertised. On looking at my prescription (-7 and -8 with astigmatism), the (Optimax) consultant immediately said that I would not be able to have laser surgery as it would require removal of more cornea than what I have, to achieve the results of 20/20 vision. He told me that the only other option would be to have an implanted lens (Intra-ocular lens). Also, if I were to go to any other clinic, they would only agree to the surgery as they were eager for my business, regardless of the outcome and consequences. I was extremely disappointed when I heard this, thinking that I would always need glasses or contact lens.

A few months later, a friend recommended that I try Accuvision, after all I had nothing to lose. I went for my consultation with Vikash and he was excellent. He told me that I was able to have the surgery and I had plenty of cornea. The reason why other clinics may not offer maybe because of the variation in equipment which is used. Vikash explained the procedure and the risks and clearly set my expectations.

I had the surgery the following month (due to the Christmas break. The surgery itself was nerve wracking, but the nurses and the surgeon were wonderful. The nurse had a little chat with me to ensure that I was relaxed and reassured me that the procedure was painless. During surgery, the nurse constantly checked that I was OK and the surgeon kept me updated on what he was doing next. After surgery, they put in some protective contact lenses and I went back to the waiting area to sit quietly until my post operation check up. During my check up, they found a tiny speck in one of my eyes and they were extremely worried. They asked the surgeon and a couple of consultants for further opinions. The conclusion was that is was harmless and was just some suspension in the fluid, but they didn't want to risk infection, so they swished out my eye and replaced the lens. They were extremely professional and told me everything that they were considering and at no point was I worried. They have very high standards and do not wish to risk infection. The eye was perfectly fine after this, and I had no infection.

After the check up the following day, I was given some artificial tears drops, unfortunately I had a reaction to them. I phoned up the clinic straight away and they were wonderful and offered that I see them the following day. They again took all this in their stride and gave me some different drops which were fine.

Overall, my experience was not standard, but with a couple of tiny complications. But this highlights that the team were wonderful and with their knowledge and expertise, they were able to resolve any problems quickly without causing any discomfort to the patient.

My vision is now 20/20 and from a prescription of -7 and -8 with astigmatism, I now have around -0.5 in each eye. It's an amazing achievement and I never thought that I would ever be rid of my glasses.

I have been for my one year check up, but Nick has offered that I return for another check up six months later. This again highlights how professional and responsible the Accuvision team is. I would definitely recommend Accuvision to anyone who is considering Laser eye surgery.

Thank you to everyone at Accuvision!

"I originally went to another clinic but I came out very disappointed..."

Before the treatment I was - 2.25 and -2.75 and had a slight astigmatism in one eye. I received the treatment yesterday in the Solihull clinic and today I have 20/15 vision (better than 20/20). I originally went to another clinic but I came out very disappointed as they gave me 3 options, completely confused me with technology and basically said what treatment I received was down to my budget !!

I spoke to a friend of mine who had his eyes corrected in January with Accuvision and he recommended them. I booked in for the following day and the consultation was very friendly, extremely professional and the Surgeon explained what treatment would work for me, he then showed me on the screens what I needed and more importantly what he recommended.

On the day of the treatment I was slightly nervous but the surgery team were excellent. They explained what was happening, what I should expect and completely put me at ease. I left the clinic and I suffered no discomfort at all. I could see brilliantly the same day but I was very careful not too get carried away and I followed their instructions.

Today I have had my follow up consultation and once again they were extremely friendly and professional, I couldn't be happier with the results. It all seems too easy, no pain at all, I wish I had it done years ago.

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