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Why AccuVision?
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Why AccuVision?

A Patient's Viewpoint

A Patient's Viewpoint
We are very proud of our laser eye surgery results and our patients are delighted too, many of whom had chosen the specialist treatment plans available at AccuVision over the commercial high street clinics.
"What a difference in attitude and approach I am so glad I decided to try them."
 After a consultation with one of the big three laser eye surgery clinics a couple of years ago, I was put off the idea for a couple of reasons.
1. The cost mysteriously rising from the advertised 'from £395 per eye' to the actual price of £1,700 per eye.
2. The constant bombardment by email immediatley following the consultation and
3. The feeling that I was being viewed as a score on the sales chart

What a difference in attitude and approach I am so glad I decided to try them. From the first meeting it was obvious that my wellbeing and welfare was the main priority.
The whole process and procedure was carried out with total professsionalism and personal care.
As for the results - amazing!
I now have vision as good if not better, without any assistance from contact lenses or glasses as I used to have with them
"I had a further 2 consultations with Optical Express (who were appalling) and Optimax (who did not fare much better).."

I just wanted to thank all you staff at the Solihull clinic for the outstanding service that I have received at every single stage of my experience of laser eye surgery, from consultation to after care.

I had a further 2 consultations with Optical Express (who were appalling) and Optimax (who did not fare much better), and I wanted you to know that your company have got the whole package absolutely perfect. I never once felt rushed or under any pressure and the staff at Solihull made me feel that they were privileged to be able to treat me.

I had to go for the treatment on my own yesterday and the staff really looked after me the whole time I was there. They even took the time to tell me that they were running a little behind, which in total was about 20 minutes but I didn't really notice.

I was very nervous when it came to the treatment, and one of the staff even held my hand the whole way through, which was wonderful. They were all calm and made me feel more at ease as the whole process took place. I did not find the experience of the surgery at all unpleasant, just totally surreal, and following the treatment I did everything they told me to and today I have been told my sight is good enough for me to drive - it is amazing !!!

I want to congratulate you on having such a wonderful team at Solihull and clearly having the correct ethos when it comes to treating people using laser eye surgery. Our sight is a very precious gift and to put it in someone else's hands is a very difficult decision to make, I am so glad that I decided to put my faith in your company.

If you have any kind of team/staff recognition scheme I want to recommend everyone at Solihull from the receptionist to the surgeon - they were all outstanding and deserve to be recognised for this.

I will not hesitate in recommending your company to everyone I know who is considering treatment, I have also placed some feedback on the Lasik-eyes website.

Thank you so much for the world class treatment I have received, your company is a shining example of how customer service can make a real difference.

Emma Ruscoe

"the prices are really competitive for the quality of the service, they could easisly charge double the amount but they are very honest"

I had my wavefront eye surgery in the Fulham clinic one month ago. I have just been for my one month check up and I have now more than 20/20 vision.

I couldn't be happier about choosing Accuvision, and if this testimonial will help somebody decide to go for it and choose Accuvision then I'll be really happy.

The team in Fulham is incredibly professional, kind and anything you wish for when going through a procedure like this. From the booking of the first appointment to the last visit carried out everybody has been friendly, helpful and professional.

It it very easy to book an appointment that suits you at any time of the day, and emails are answered in few hours. The team treats you very personally, and you don't feel just a number on a list.

The surgery is absolutely painless, and lasts less than a minute for each eye, so don't worry about it at all becuase you really are safe in the expert hands of the surgeon.

You can see straight away after the procedure, but a bit of care must be taken during the first 24 hours and it's better to keep your eyes closed as much as possible and relax. It is better to go with somebody that will help you go back home, and I personally would suggest you book previously a taxi unless someone can take you home by car.

On the first two weeks the area aroundt he eyes has to be clean, no make up and no water in the eyes. Anyway, a month passes quickly and my eyesight improved day by day. At Accuvision you are taken care of extremely well and you immediately have the feeling you are going to be ok.

I also want to mention that the prices are really competitive for the quality of the service, they could easisly charge double the amount but they are very honest and you can pay in monthly instalments. A friend of mine had exactly the same thing done in another bigger and more commerciaized clinic, and apart from paying almost 1000pounds more than what I did, he's also suffering halo effects that will last for 6 months.

I didn't have any side effect at all, no halos, no problem with lights at night and so on.

It is a wonderful sensation to look at the world without any barrier between it and your eyes.

If you feel you want to be free from contacts and glasses you should book an appointment here, you couldn't choose any better clinic.

"..the Accuvision London team are leagues ahead of their competition..."

I had been to a couple of other laser treatment clinics for a discussion about my options before I came to Accuvision in London. For me, the Accuvision London team are leagues ahead of their competition. They made me feel very relaxed, came forward with ideas and options that were not even put forward by the other clinics (mono vision), are very professional , honest and excellent value for money.
Their total approach to customer care is outstanding, I cannot praise them enough ... thank you to the Accuvision London Tem for transforming my life :-)

"I'm now so glad that I kept with my decision to have it done at Accuvision.."

I had lasik performed on 18th August at Accuvision at Fulham, and I must say how pleased I am with the treatment and after-care I have received so far.My surgeon , Mr Rostron and his team are the best in my opinion.I have been thinking about having this procedure for the past 4 years and it has taken me all this time to pluck up the courage to have this done.Really there was no need to worry, I felt I was being treated by excellent staff from start to finish.I also must say a special thank you to my optometrist Joan, who is so professional but also caring and very helpful.
I was also seen at another clinic at East Grinstead and was quoted £4,500, for Intralase lasik which i just could not afford, and I'm now so glad that I kept with my decision to have it done at Accuvision, for me there was no need to spend that kind of money, but that is just my personal opinion.
My sight was quite bad, -4.5(L) and - 5.0(R).Although I can see now very well, my left eye is taking slightly longer to catch up with my right eye, but I'm told this is perfectly normal.
I would highly recommend the procedure and this clinic, and no it REALLY is not painful at all!

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The AccuVision testimonials that are posted on this website and other independent websites enable you to contact our patients directly. We have nothing to hide about our services as we are confident it is the very best you will find.
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