Factors that influence the cost of Laser Eye Surgery
There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of your Laser Eye Surgery.
Patient profiles
The more advanced treatment plans include Wavefront diagnostics to determine the minor aberration in your vision. The cost of this can be as much as £300 per eye in some clinics. AccuVision introduced Wavefront diagnostics in the UK in 2002 and have always included this cost in the overall cost of the treatment.
Femtosecond laser flaps
A specialised laser can be used to create the corneal flap on the front surface of the eye as part of a LASIK treatment plan. This can add up to £300 per eye to the cost of your treatment at some clinics. At AccuVision, this type of flap creation would normally be included in the overall cost of your treatment.
High Myopic Prescription
The strength of your prescription can have bearing on the overall cost of your treatment. Many clinics do not offer Laser Eye Surgery for high myopic prescriptions due to the limitations of the laser technology they use. AccuVision have the technology and expertise to treat patients with myopic prescriptions of -12.00 and above. The specialised nature of this type of treatment plan is reflected in the overall cost of the treatment.
High Hyperopic Prescriptions
Treatment of hyperopic prescriptions of a higher order requires the specialised laser technology that AccuVision employ. Again, many clinics decline treatment for hyperopic patients due to the limitations in their technology. AccuVision is able to treat patients with hyperopic prescriptions of up to +8.00. The cost of specialised hyperopic treatments is reflected in the cost of the treatment.
High Astigmatic prescriptions
Patients with high levels of astigmatism may be limited with their options for Laser Eye Surgery. AccuVision have the technology platform to treat high astigmatic prescriptions that are normally outside the range of other clinics. The cost of this more specialised treatment is higher than the correction of lower levels of astigmatism.
Thinner than normal corneas
Patients who have thinner than normal corneas may not be offered LASIK surgery at other clinics due to the limitations of the technology. Where possible AccuVision are able to offer LASIK treatment at no additional charge.
LASEK and Trans-Epi Treatments
Patients who may have been offered LASEK at another clinic will be able to take advantage of the more up to date Trans-Epi treatment at AccuVision at no additional charge. This ‘all laser’ procedure has significant advantages over LASEK.
How can you pay for your Laser Eye Surgery?
When a suitable date and time has been agreed for your surgery appointment a deposit, normally paid by debit or credit card is taken to secure the booking.
The remaining balance is paid a few days prior to your surgery date.
While we offer great value for money, we do not compromise on our treatment and aftercare, AccuVision will always endeavor to deliver the very best visual outcome for your vision and make sure you reach your visual destination safely. Our patient reviews are a testament to this valued approach.
Average pricing for our most advanced Laser Eye Surgery, including aftercare is currently around £2,400 for both eyes. The final cost of surgery is dependent on your prescription.
Compared with similar quality clinics, our pricing policy represents considerable value for money, making the most advanced treatments more affordable to more people.
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This Month, Wavefront LASIK Summer Offer £1200* per eye, including Personalized Treatment Plan and fully Inclusive Aftercare.
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      The information you have provided may be held on our database. It will not be sold to any third party. Our privacy policy which we are obliged to give you under the GDPR is available here.
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      Offer price of £1200 per eye is valid for:
      • WaveFront Optimised Surgery for both eyes. Offer does not apply to a single eye treatment.
      • Myopic prescriptions under -3.50 dioptres only. Prescriptions with other additional conditions/variations may not be eligible and are subject to a detailed evaluation.
      • Prescriptions outside the eligible range are always competitively priced.
      • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
      • There are no cash alternatives to this offer.
      • All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcomes through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits including ones specific to your circumstances at the time of your preoperative consultation.
      • AccuVision reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer.