About AccuVision

Laser eye surgery at AccuVision is not about us....it's about YOU!

AccuVision is dedicated to its patients, their care and their future vision. We believe we offer an unrivalled level of service, treatment and care...but it is far better that our patients provide a synopsis of what AccuVision is like rather than us giving our own opinion.

Remember, you have to find a clinic that you can trust with your future vision. If you cannot find one then it's best not to have laser eye surgery.

Most people have some small degree of astigmatism as most eyes are not perfectly spherical in shape.
 Mohamedview video
"I visited 3 or four clinics and two refused to treat me. Accuvision were my last chance."
"My prescription was -3.00 and -6.00 with astigmatism. Now I am super happy with my vision."
 Bill Atheyview video
"From having my eyes treated the first time to where I am now..I'm pleased as punch about it,"
 Pauline Smithview video
"The consultation was very reassuring"
 Cyrus Todiwalaview video
"Good vision is an essential for any restauranter or chef"
 Eileenview video
"Transformed! I no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses"
 George Godberview video
"Accuvision are amazingly professional"

Why choose AccuVision?

Patients travel from around the world for our specialist laser eye surgery procedures.
AccuVision treat patients from every continent (including those visiting the Antartic) who are seeking a safe and effective means of correcting their vision

We offer safe, effective laser eye surgery.
Our safety protocols and passion for the highest standards in clinical treatment and safety ensure our patients are protected

We offer the most effective screening for patients.
By conducting the most rigourous eye tests we are able to offer the most specialist treatment plans

We're highly competitive.
Our exacting standards of treatment and care are accessible to all. You will find all our specialist treatments realistically priced so that you can get on with your lives as soon as possible

We can treat over 98% of people: including those with very high prescriptions.
Only a handful of clinics throughout the world have the expertise and experience to treat the very high and complex prescriptions we treat each week.

You can say goodbye to reading glasses.
Reading vision correction (for presbyopia) produce dramatic results for our patients. Removing dependency on glasses for reading is one of our most popular and effective treatments

Our clinical team really do care.
Our highly experienced clinical team have been with AccuVision from the outset offering treatments and care to thousands of patients