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Laser eye surgery in London
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Laser Eye Surgery Slough

Thinking about corrective laser eye surgery? It's important to find a clinic that you feel you can trust and that's highly professional, impartial and will give you an honest and objective opinion on what is really possible for your future eyesight. If you live in Slough we can help.

The Accuvision laser eye surgery clinic in Fulham, London is now open from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays. You can now receive a free, no obligation consultation about your future vision at your convenience, where optimising your eyesight and minimising any risks are paramount.

To reach the London laser eye clinic from Slough, please use the information shown below or give us a call on 0330 123 2020.
Costs at Accuvision are very competitive with high street and other specialist clinics around Slough. We offer higher levels of diagnosis, consultation, treatment and care, according to the patients who have experienced both.

For the sake of your future vision wouldn't it be worthwhile a trip from Slough to our clinic in Fulham, London?

Accuvision Eye Care Clinic

The expertise, technology and experience in laser eye surgery does vary greatly between clinics. Only a handful are able to offer treatment using the latest advanced laser technology and a level of expertise that minimises risk and maximises safety of the treatment. This is best demonstrated by the high and complex prescriptions a clinic like Accuvision is able to treat. Prescriptions from -14.00 to +8.00 are regularly treated with excellent outcomes for patients. This is why Accuvision have an unrivalled reputation in refractive laser eye surgery and regularly treat patients who travel from abroad seeking our specialist treatment and care. Every patient at Accuvision is treated equally.

Why Travel to London?

Accuvision is a world renowned eye clinic, receiving patients from as far away as Russia, Australia, America, the Middle East and Europe. The Accuwave™ treatment plans we offer deliver the very best outcomes for our patients so it should be a worthwhile visit for yourself. The Accuvision clinic is open during the week and on Saturdays. We offer free consultations for laser eye surgery enquiries so just use the directions on this page to find the most convenient way to reach us.