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About Trans-Epi & LASEK
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LASEK and Trans-Epi Eye Surgery

About Lasek Eye Surgery

LASEK eye surgery is a treatment for patients who have thin or irregular corneas or for those patients who play contact sports.

AccuVision have more advanced procedures called Trans-Epi or Trans-Epithelial Laser Eye Correction that are better able to meet the needs of patients than the traditional LASEK procedure.

About Trans-Epi Surgery

The Trans-Epi surgery procedure differs from LASIK eye surgery treatment in the way the eye is prepared for laser surgery. For some patients who play contact sports or whose corneas are too thin or irregular for LASIK, a Trans-Epi procedure may be more appropriate.

For this procedure a flap is created from the epithelium layer, covering the cornea. A device known as an epithelial separator creates an ultra-thin flap. This is gently lifted back and an excimer laser is used, as in LASIK surgery to sculpt the underlying tissue. The epi-flap is replaced and a special contact lens is placed on the eye for a few days to keep it in place while it heals. This is a more advanced surface laser treatment than other methods such as LASEK.

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