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Wavefront Enhancement
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Custom Wavefront LASIK

Wavefront Optimised LASIK & EPI-LASIK Eye Surgery

Some laser technologies induce aberrations (irregularities) on the corneal shape profile during treatment. Custom wavefront LASIK using the Allegretto Eye-Q laser has been developed to alleviate these aberrations.

The WaveLight laser platform at AccuVision uses special calculations (nomograms) to prevent these aberrations and so helps to maintain better visual quality. The WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q laser uses high resolution data to produce much larger, more uniform treatment zones, vastly improving night vision.

This form of custom wavefront LASIK also enables treatment for patients with large pupils with utmost efficacy.

Custom Wavefront Guided LASIK & EPI-LASIK Eye Surgery

High resolution wavefront data maps can also be incorporated into the Custom wavefront guided LASIK and Epi-LASIK treatment plan to correct for specific 'higher order aberrations'. Again the emphasis is on improving visual quality beyond standard treatment.

Topography Guided LASIK & EPI-LASIK Eye Surgery

A corneal topographer is an instrument that measures the corneal shape and contour. Topography guided LASIK eye surgery uses the resulting corneal contour map to guide the laser pattern, thereby correcting distortions on the cornea.

This is especially useful for patients with corneal abnormalities and in the rare case, a patient requires remedial procedures after previous standard LASIK eye surgery treatment.