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Laser Eye Surgery Cost & Pricing

laser eye surgery cost

People seeking information on laser eye surgery costs and pricing can find the information available quite confusing.

We speak to many patients each week who are very confused by the expected cost and the actual costs they are quoted at the conclusion of their consultation.

AccuVision has always been very aware of the importance of cost to patients and we constantly monitor all laser eye surgery clinics to ensure we are always offering the best value for money.

What is included in the cost of laser eye surgery?

To evaluate suitability and the most appropriate treatment plan for you, we need to conduct a 'no obligation' consultation with you. This would normally take around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Your first consultation is normally offered to you without charge and included in the overall cost of your surgery.

Your laser eye surgery treatment

On the day of surgery you will spend around 2 hours at the clinic. Any further tests will be carried out prior to your surgery. Time will be spent with the surgeon before any treatment takes place. After treatment you will recover and relax in the clinic until you are ready to be discharged. All necessary drops and medications will be given to you prior to your departure with clear instructions on their use.

Your laser eye surgery aftercare

AccuVision operate a 24 hour hotline for all patients who have received surgery. It is manned by experienced optometrists who will be able to give you the relevant advice, information or instruction if you need it out of hours.

Regular appointments are scheduled following your surgery. The first occurs within the first 48 hours after treatment and it is vital that this appointment is attended. It will normally be booked in at the same time as the surgery date and time.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly appointments are also included in your aftercare as part of your surgery cost. These are normally completed within the first year after treatment.

Post operative medication and eye drops

Your post operative medication is given to you on the day of surgery with detailed instructions as to its use. Additional medication may be given during your post-operative appointments as required.

Post-operative complications

If there were any post-operative complications, these would be picked up during the scheduled check ups and appropriate advice and treatment would be given. If any re-treatment was deemed appropriate, this would be included in your original cost of treatment but would not normally take place until 3 months after your original treatment.

Summary of what is covered in the cost of laser eye surgery

  • The Operation.
  • Follow up appointments as required for 12 months post surgery.
  • Post operative medications and eye drops taken after treatment (limited to 3 months)
  • Treatment for any intra operative or immediate post-operative complications. Urgent treatment if necessary may be arranged via NHS services.
  • Re-treatment or ‘enhancement’ treatment if deemed necessary and appropriate by the surgeon up to 12 months following initial treatment, but may not be considered for at least 3 months following initial treatment.

Factors that influence the cost of laser eye surgery

There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of your laser eye surgery.

Wavefront diagnostics - The more advanced treatment plans include wavefront diagnostics to determine the minor aberration in your vision. The cost of this can be as much as £300 per eye in some clinics. AccuVision introduced Wavefront diagnostics in the UK in 2002 and have always included this cost in the overall cost of the treatment.

Femtosecond laser flaps – A specialised laser can be used to create the corneal flap on the front surface of the eye as part of a LASIK treatment plan. This can add up to £300 per eye to the cost of your treatment at some clinics. At AccuVision, this type of flap creation would normally be included in the overall cost of your treatment.

High Myopic Prescription – The strength of your prescription can have bearing on the overall cost of your treatment. Many clinics do not offer laser eye surgery for high myopic prescriptions due to the limitations of the laser technology they use. AccuVision have the technology and expertise to treat patients with myopic prescriptions of -12.00 and above. The specialised nature of this type of treatment plan is reflected in the overall cost of the treatment.

High Hyperopic Prescriptions – Treatment of hyperopic prescriptions of a higher order requires the specialised laser technology that AccuVision employ. Again, many clinics decline treatment for hyperopic patients due to the limitations in their technology. AccuVision are able to treat patients with hyperopic prescriptions of up to +8.00. The cost of specialised hyperopic treatments is reflected in the cost of the treatment.

High Astigmatic prescriptions – Patients with high levels of astigmatism may be limited with their options for laser eye surgery. AccuVision have the technology platform to treat high astigmatic prescriptions that are normally outside the range of other clinics. The cost of this more specialised treatment is higher than the correction of lower levels of astigmatism.

Thinner than normal corneas – Patients who have thinner than normal corneas may not be offered LASIK surgery at other clinics due to the limitations of the technology. Where possible AccuVision are able to offer LASIK treatment at no additional charge.

LASEK and Trans-Epi Treatments – Patients who may have been offered LASEK at another clinic will be able to take advantage of the more up to date Trans-Epi treatment at AccuVision at no additional charge. This 'all laser' procedure has significant advantages over LASEK.

How can you pay for your laser eye surgery?

When a suitable date and time has been agreed for your surgery appointment a deposit, normally paid by debit or credit card is taken to secure the booking.

The remaining balance is paid a few days prior to your surgery date.

While we offer great value for money, we do not compromise on our treatment and aftercare, AccuVision will always endeavour to deliver the very best visual outcome for your vision and make sure you reach your visual destination safely. Our patient reviews are testament to this valued approach.


Average pricing for our most advanced laser eye surgery, including aftercare is currently around £2,400 for both eyes. The final cost of surgery is dependent on your prescription.

Compared with similar quality clinics, our pricing policy represents considerable value for money, making the most advanced treatments more affordable to more people.

Finance Options

If you wish to spread the cost of your treatment you can take advantage of our 10 month finance option. The remaining balance after your deposit has been paid can be spread over a 10 month period. This finance option is operated by Hitachi Capital and any application will need to pass their credit check before approval is given.

Health Insurance and laser eye surgery

Very few health insurance schemes will include the cost of laser eye surgery in their policy cover as it is deemed 'elective surgery'.

Affordable alternatives to laser eye surgery

As laser eye surgery is not normally seen as an essential treatment, if you find it unaffordable there are alternatives. These include the use of contact lenses to reduce the dependence on glasses. There are also implantable contact lenses that are inserted into the eye but the costs of this treatment may also prove inhibitive.

Surgery costs for other forms of eye conditions

Implantable contact lenses – Some patients fall outside the parameters for laser eye surgery and may have to consider an alternative treatment like implantable contact lenses. This treatment would normally cost significantly more than laser eye surgery.

Intra Ocular Lenses – These replace the natural lens inside the eye and are normally used when a cataract has been identified. The cost of this treatment is significantly more than laser eye surgery at AccuVision.

A Few AccuVision Milestones

  • 2002
    First clinic in the UK to offer Wavefront-Guided Laser Eye Surgery at Fulham, London
  • 2003
    First clinic in the UK to offer Topography-guided LASIK
  • 2004
    First clinic in the UK to do Asphericity-controlled LASIK
    First clinic in the UK to offer Corneal Collagen Cross-linking (C3R) for Keratoconus
  • 2005
    First clinic to offer Neuro-Vision treatments for amblyopia (lazy eye)
    First and only clinic in the UK to offer 'All laser' Trans-Epithelial Advanced Surface Ablation (TASA)
    AccuVision commences laser eye surgery in Solihull, Birmingham
  • 2006
    First clinic in the UK to perform Topography Guided Custom Ablation using Oculink (Pentacam) data
    Awarded the status of being the Global Ambassador site for WaveLight Lasers (GmbH)
  • 2008
    First and only clinic in the UK to offer Topography Guided Custom Ablation (Corneal re-profiling) with Corneal Collagen Cross-linking
  • 2009
    Daryus Panthakey awarded Global Ambassador status from WaveLight Lasers (GmbH)
  • 2010
    First clinic in the UK to operate the new Alcon WaveLight Refractive Laser Suite