AccuVision Interview with Liz Thorne, Sky Sports Production Manager, July 2016

liz thorne outside trailer

Being Production Manager for Sky Sports’ cricket coverage means that Liz acts as a bridge between her team, the external company handling the technical aspects of broadcasting, the director, VT department, commentators and the rest of the team. It’s down to her to ensure they all communicate, and that the broadcast runs as smoothly as possible.

We spoke to Liz about her work, and how wearing glasses and contact lenses impacted on her daily work. “We work in an ever-changing environment, all over the world. The mobile studio is very dark and full of screens but I am always having to go outside into the daylight so I was constantly putting on my prescription sunglasses, especially when working abroad in India or Australia”. Liz also works in the UK and although it’s generally not so sunny, ”it can be cold and wet when you leave the studio and your glasses immediately mist up with condensation or rain. You end up having pairs of glasses in the mobile studio, in the car, in the home”.

Previously, when she was packing for her numerous trips abroad, including enough contact lenses, sunglasses and glasses was a top priority. Now she is free from all that, “and driving is so much easier now too – in fact driving is amazing, I can just get into the car and drive and do not have to think have I got my glasses? Do I need to put my sunglasses over my glasses?”. “Some venues are huge“ she continues. “Someone may say, I think we have a problem at camera 6 on the other side of the ground and I used not to be able to see it, but now I can”.
Being away so much means being in unfamiliar places, which is challenging if your eyesight is less than perfect. “One of the difficulties I used to have when we were away meeting people in the evening was that I could never go into a restaurant first because I did not like wearing my glasses. I left it to the person in front to find who we were meeting so I sat down at the right table! I once walked past an entire table of my colleagues because I could not recognise them without my glasses on because I did not like wearing my glasses all the time”. After surgery, Liz has noticed a huge difference in her life. “I do not have to worry about seeing clearly when I am away anymore. I am still not used to my new vision and still say to people, have you seen my glasses?!”
Liz is extremely positive about her life changing Laser Eye Surgery with AccuVision. “Laser eye surgery has been a real benefit to me. I am really pleased with the freedom from glasses and contact lenses it has given me”.

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